We all have a dream, Mr President

I have been surprised by the annoyance felt by many constituents I've spoken to this week at the interference by President Barack Obama in the European Union referendum campaign. Opinion polls have also found that people think his comments both inappropriate and more likely to back the Leave campaign.

Saturday, 30th April 2016, 1:00 pm
Stewart Jackson MP's Westminster Life column in the Peterborough Telegraph - peterboroughtoday.co.uk

It is also distasteful and questionable whether it was right for our own Prime Minister to stand shoulder to shoulder with another foreign Head of State to cajole, bully and threaten the British people - the first being President Holllande of France earlier in the year.

Frankly, it’s our business and the British people resent being bossed around or patronised by a politician (and a lame duck one at that) who represents the ultimate in style over substance and who has presided over a country where one in five people are now on food stamps.

His silly “back of the queue” line has already been ridiculed and he’s had to row back on his ignorant and discourteous comments: There is no queue!

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Of course, he’s every right to have a view, providing we understand that he’s interested solely in U.S. interests and not our own and when he advocates the U.S. Congress to being subservient to a supra national parliament and for there to be open borders with Mexico - in the same way he disregards our own reasonable ambition to be an independent, self governing democracy.

Except, it is never going to happen!

Obama (like the Remain campaign) has also taken the shilling of the big multinationals and investment banks, who dislike national parliaments and the democratic voice of the people in favour of big unaccountable trading blocks like the EU, not least because they like mass immigration, as it keeps wages low and depressed.

The people of this country will make their own minds up in June - whether they can better spend £350 million a week on our own priorities rather than give it to the EU and whether they want to have control of our own borders in a dangerous world.

America is a wonderful country forged of the desire to govern itself as a proud global trading nation.

Don’t you think we have similar aspirations Mr President?