VIDEO: Conservatives strengthen hold with Peterborough City Council by-election win

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The Conservatives have strengthened their hold in Peterborough City Council after winning a by-election in West Ward.

The party’s candidate Lynne Ayres won the seat this evening (Thursday, October 29) after receiving 1,174 of the 2,532 votes cast.

Winning candidate Lynne Ayres with Cllr Andy Coles, Mayor of Peterborough Cllr John Peach, John Wright and Matthew Dalton

Winning candidate Lynne Ayres with Cllr Andy Coles, Mayor of Peterborough Cllr John Peach, John Wright and Matthew Dalton

The victory means the Conservatives are now just two short of a majority in the 57-seat council which they currently run.

It means that all three councillors in West Ward are Conservatives.

The by-election was called following the resignation of Conservative councillor Nick Arculus in April.

Mr Arculus, a solicitor for Hunts & Coombs Solicitors, left his role as a city councillor to work 8,000 miles away in the Falkland Islands.

The other councillors in West Ward are Conservatives Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald and Cllr Yasmeen Maqbool.

Ms Ayres, a former senior and managing partner at Hunt & Coombs, defeated Labour’s Mohammed Sabir, UKIP’s John Myles, the Green Party’s Alex Airey and Liberal Democrat Malcolm Pollock.

Following her election win she said she would do everything for the people in her ward, adding: “I’m delighted, thrilled to bits. Very privileged to have been voted in by so many people with such a majority, that’s just wonderful.

“I was born in Peterborough, I’ve lived, been brought up, educated, worked - everything in West Ward. It’s my ward and my city and this is where I belong.

“I’ve always believed in the Conservatives because I believe in the principles - I thoroughly believe in the principle of working families and working hard and doing well as a result.

“My family have always done business in the town for many generations and I have myself. And I think it’s important we work hard and look after each other.”

The turnout at the by-election was 36 per cent.

Peterborough City Council remains in no overall control. The council now consists of: 27 Conservative councillors, 12 from Labour, seven Independents, four Liberal Democrats, four from UKIP and three Liberals.


Lynne Ayres (Cons) 1,174

Mohammed Sabir (Lab) 742

John Myles (UKIP) 415

Malcolm Pollock (Lib Dem) 103

Alex Airey (Green) 94

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