UKIP to target Shailesh Vara's Brexit views as it announces election candidate

UKIP hopes Shailesh Vara's views on Brexit will allow it to achieve success in North West Cambridgeshire at June's general election.

Saturday, 29th April 2017, 12:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:09 pm
John Whitby

The party has announced Peterborough city councillor John Whitby as its candidate for the seat, however he will have to overturn the 19,795 majority Mr Vara won at the 2015 election.

UKIP's Peter Reeve came second during the last election with 20.1 per cent of the vote, but Mr Vara romped to victory with 52.5 per cent.

Mr Whitby, councillor for Fletton and Stanground, said: "If you look at everything UKIP has said over the last few weeks, we are looking at targeting seats where there's a strong Brexit vote but not a strong Brexit MP."

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He added: "I'm very pleased I was put forward for North West Cambridgeshire and accepted by the branch. I'm looking forward to a nice positive campaign and to make sure that North West Cambridgeshire gets what it voted for in the referendum, a Brexit which is right for the people of the UK, as well as the other issues of a general election campaign - looking after pensioners, wages and the armed forces.

"If you look past the label of us, our policies are very, very broad and should appeal to people who have voted Conservative and Labour.

"Labour does not speak for the working people in this country any longer, and we are a strong traditional party which will appeal to people who normally vote Conservative.

"Look at the cuts they have made to pensions, to local authorities, police and education."