Two former Peterborough City Council leaders attempt comebacks - see the full list of candidates in every ward

Two former leaders of Peterborough City Council from opposite sides of the political spectrum will attempt dramatic comebacks in May's local elections.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 9:39 am
Updated Friday, 8th April 2016, 12:32 pm
Cathy Weaver
Cathy Weaver

Cathy Weaver, who twice led the Labour group, will join Conservative Marco Cereste in attempting to return onto the council.

Both former councillors’ previous stints at the local authority were characterised by disputes between the Conservatives and Labour, adding further intrigue to their potential comebacks.

Mr Cereste, who lost his seat last year, will stand in the ward of Hampton Vale as previously revealed, while Ms Weaver is one of 12 candidates contesting three seats in the new ward of Hargate & Hempsted.

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Ms Weaver had a spell as leader of the council when it became a unitary authority in 1998.

Both names were on the list of nearly 200 candidates who will contest the May 5 election, when all 60 seats on the council will be up for grabs.

A current Labour councillor confirmed that the Catherine Weaver named on the list of candidates is indeed the former council leader.

The all-out election follows a boundary review which changed the wards in Peterborough and added three new councillors to the authority, which is currently run by the Conservatives.

Despite being nearly a month away from voters going to the polls, the election has already brought a number of surprises.

In addition to the attempted comebacks of Mr Cereste and Ms Weaver, Britain’s longest serving councillor - the Peterborough Independent Forum member Charles Swift - will end his 62 year stint on the council by not standing for re-election.

He is joined by Cllr Adrian Miners, the Liberal Party member who has been a councillor for 36 years.

The Labour candidate for last year’s general election in Peterborough, Cllr Lisa Forbes, has also declared that she is not standing.

She is one of eight current councillors not seeking re-election. She is joined by Cllrs Frances Fox and Roger Herdman of UKIP, Conservative Cllrs Yasmeen Maqbool and Sheila Scott, and Cllr John Knowles, an independent.

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Peter Heinrich, Labour

David Over, Conservative


Jay Beecher, UKIP

Anthony Church, Liberal Democrat

Angus Ellis, Labour

Wendy Hirst, Green

Marcus Horrell, Conservative

Stuart Martin, Labour

Jason Merrill, Conservative

Ann Sylvester, Labour

Scott Warren, Conservative


Ishfaq Hussain, Conservative

Mahboob Hussain, Labour

Muhammad Ikram, Conservative

Amjad Iqbal, Labour

Mohammed Jamil, Labour

Jeff Lipscomb, UKIP

Stewart Poole, Conservative

Col Tingle, Green


Toby Abbs, Conservative

Chris Ash, Liberal Party

Carolyn English, Green

Harry Gartside, Conservative

Georgia Hughes, Conservative

Jibran Khan, Labour

Shaz Nawaz, Labour

Peter O’Dell, UKIP

Haggai Odep, Labour

Bella Saltmarsh, Liberal Party

Keith Sharp, Liberal Party


Azher Iqbal, Consevative

Jo Johnson, Labour

Graham McMillan, UKIP

Bernadetta Omondi, Labour

Massimo Pinto, UKIP

Rossana Pinto, UKIP

Sandra Ringler, Liberal Party

Nabil Shabbir, Labour

Shah Lal, Conservative

Marcus Sims, Conservative

Eye, Thorney & Newborough

Michael Alexander, Green

Steve Allen, Conservative

Richard Brown, Conservative

Carl Harper, Labour

David Harrington, Independent

Mary Herdman, UKIP

Scott Johnson, Labour

Layton Mills, UKIP

David Sanders, Conservative

Mohammed Yasin, Labour

Fletton & Stanground

Alan Clark, Labour

Emily Fisher, Conservative

James Lillis, Liberal Democrat

Oz Osaman, Conservative

Andy Monk, UKIP

Fiona Radic, Green

Peter Slinger, Independent

Margaret Thulbourn, Labour

Nicholas Thulbourn, Labour

John Whitby, UKIP

Janet Wilkinson, Conservative

Fletton & Woodston

Andy Coles, Conservative

Alan Dowson, Labour

Pedro Faustino, Conservative

Richard Horton, Green

Jon Lloyd, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Dusan Obradovic, Independent

Lucia Serluca, Conservative

John Thulbourn, Labour

Les Wheeler, Independent

Jonathan Wilde, Labour

Glinton & Castor:

Claire Bysshe, Liberal Democrat

Gregor Guthrie, Green

Peter Hiller, Conservative

David Hodgson, Labour

John Holdich, Conservative

Anthea Sully, Labour


Chris Bacon, UKIP

Andrew Bond, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Marc Boylan-Taylor, UKIP

Julia Davidson, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Darren Fower, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Roz Jones, Labour

Philip Meeds, UKIP

Frank Murphy, Conservative

Joanne Palmer, Labour

Hayley Shelton, Conservative

Bryan Tyler, Conservative

George Welch, Labour

Hampton Vale:

Alex Bailey, Green Party First Choice Candidate

Marco Cereste, Conservative

Ewan Cox, Labour

Dave King, Conservative

Teresa Linskey, UKIP

Lynne O’Brien, Labour

Jon Phillipson-Brown, Green Party Second Choice Candidate

David Seaton, Conservaitve

Nick Senior, Green Party Third Choice Candidate

Robert Walker, Labour

Hargate & Hempsted:

Matthew Bliszczak, UKIP

George Cox, Labour

Howard Fuller, Conservative

Daniel Gibbs, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Janet Goodwin, Conservative

Ronald Graves, Labour

Christian Hogg, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

John Linskey, UKIP

Jad Mustafa, UKIP

Irene Walsh, Conservative

Catherine Weaver, Labour

Chris Wiggin, Liberal Democrat Focus Team


Ansar Ali, Labour

Claire Barks, UKIP

Shazia Bashir, Conservative

Nazim Khan, Labour

Mohammed Nadeem, Conservative

Gafoor Rehman, Conservative

Mohammed Sabir, Labour

Phillip Whitley, Liberal Democrat

Steve Wilson, Green

Orton Longueville:

Alex Airey, Green

Andy Barham, UKIP

June Bull, Conservative

Vincent Carroll, Liberal Democrat

Graham Casey, Conservative

Dennis Jones, Labour

Nigel North, Conservative

John Okonkowski, UKIP

Evelina Sid, Labour

Chris York, Labour

Orton Waterville:

Kim Aitken, Conservative

Gavin Elsey, Conservative

Julie Howell, Green

Iain McLaughlan, UKIP

Rachel Speed, Liberal Democrat

June Stokes, Conservative

David Weaver, Labour

Christopher Whitworth, Labour

Kim Whitworth, Labour


Richard Ferris, Labour

Arfan Khan, Conservative

John Peach, Conservative

Beki Sellick, Liberal Democrat

Ali Shan, Green

John Shearman, Labour

Graham Whitehead, UKIP

Sabra Yasin, Labour

Mohammad Yousaf, Conservative

Paston & Walton:

Simon Barkham, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

David Day, Conservative

Christian Defeo, Labour

George Konstantinidis, UKIP

Elizabeth Law, Conservative

Paul McGregor, Conservative

Terry Palmer, UKIP

Nick Sandford, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Asif Shaheed, Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Bonita Yonga, Labour

Jonas Yonga, Labour


Roger Hughes, UKIP

Sue Johnson, Labour and Co-operative

Matthew Mahabadi, Labour and Co-operative

Edward Murphy, Labour and Co-operative Party

Gul Nawaz, Conservative

Mohammed Rangzeb, Conservative

Samantha Smith, Conservative

Stanground South:

Ray Bisby, Conservative

Carole Griffiths, Labour

Chris Harper, Conservative

Christoper Mercieca, UKIP

Lisa Mercieca, UKIP

Tony Otley, Labour

Brian Rush, Conservative

Peter Ward, Labour


Cherry Beeby, Green Party Second Choice Candidate

Sue Day, Conservative

John Fox, Werrington First Independents

Judy Fox, Werrington First Independents

Steve Fox, UKIP

Chris Jones, Labour

Steve Lane, Werrington First Independents

Vince Moon, Labour

Darren Morley, Conservative

Roger Proudfoot, Green Party First Choice Candidate

Aaron Speechley, Labour

Paula Thacker, Conservative

Joseph Wells, Green Party Third Choice Candidate


Lynne Ayres, Conservative

Wayne Fitzgerald, Conservative

Alan Gasparutti, Labour

Debbie Goldsmith, Green

John Myles, UKIP

Roger Spicer, UKIP

Drury Thompson, Labour


Mahebub Ladha, Labour

Diane Lamb, Conservative