‘These results are appalling and no amount of excuses can justify them’ - Shailesh Vara’s hits out over Peterborough’s SATS scores

Shailesh Vara
Shailesh Vara
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Shailesh Vara has called on education chiefs to stop making excuses after Peterborough came second bottom in the SATS tables for the second year running.

The MP for North West Cambridgeshire said immediate action was needed to prevent children and parents receiving a disservice after the “terrible results” at Key Stage 2.

Only 51 per cent of Year 6 pupils reached the expected standards of reading, writing and maths according to provisional results released yesterday (Thursday, August 31).

The results left Peterborough 149th out of 150 in the table, but the city council said there had been a “marked improvement” with a 12 per cent increase in the number of pupils reaching the expected standards in all three disciplines.

The council this week released a review into education in Peterborough which highlighted the ‘unique challenge’ of high migration into the city and included a number of recommendations for future improvements.

Mr Vara said: “These results are appalling and no amount of excuses can justify them. There are many other parts of the country where they face challenges of various kinds, including English being a second language for many pupils, but why is it that they can do better and we can’t?

“Those responsible need to stop coming up with excuses and explanations and instead recognise the great disservice being done to local children and parents. And they need to take immediate action to improve the situation.

“Second from bottom for the second year running means just that and nothing else.

“The council has just produced a report on the way forward. That’s all well and good but those responsible for local education will be judged on their results.”


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