Off-street parking income in Peterborough forecast to be £300,000 below expectations

Income from off-street parking in Peterborough is forecast to be £300,000 below what the city council was expecting to take in this financial year.

Wednesday, 1st August 2018, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:05 pm
Wellington Street Car Park EMN-170803-171606009
Wellington Street Car Park EMN-170803-171606009

The council said this was due to a reduction in parking numbers, but it does not believe this is linked to increased charges.

Off-street parking in Peterborough was used 900,087 times in 2016/17 before falling by 13 per cent to 782,437 in 2017/18, although it is now back on the increase.

In 2016 the council increased day-time charges at some of its car parks, while in 2017 all-day parking charges and evening parking charges rose.

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The price rises were the first at most car parks since 2010 as the council responded to severe cuts to its government grant.

A council spokesman said: “Numbers of parking sessions have fallen, putting pressure on income targets (mainly on Wellington Street which was previously leased and is currently not fully utilised), but this is not thought to be linked to price increases as pricing remains competitive compared to alternatives.

“The income from staff parking has reduced, as since April staff have no longer been able to benefit from tax relief on parking costs through salary sacrifice. New agile working practices have also reduced the need for staff to be parked all day every day.

“We will continue to keep our pricing strategy under review and will also be looking to ensure enforcement action is effective in minimising non-payment in any of our car parks.”

Wellington Street Car Park was previously leased to RCP.

Asked if the current roadworks on Bourges Boulevard which finish this month have had an effect on income, the council spokesman said: “We can’t say for certain that it has had any effect.”

Council figures show there were large rises in the number of people using off-street parking in Peterborough in March, April, May and June 2018, during the roadworks, compared to the same time in 2017.

However, the overall numbers are down compared to 2016.

For example, in April 2016 off-street parking was used 76,600 times, falling to 53,824 in June 2017, before rising to 60,773 in June 2018.

And in June 2016 off-street parking was used 78,995 times, falling to 57,841 in June 2017, before rising to 74,439 in June 2018.