Stilton Cheese campaign gets a fashion boost

Sally Pinnegar modelling the Stilton coat. EMN-141223-151426009
Sally Pinnegar modelling the Stilton coat. EMN-141223-151426009
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The campaign to allow Stilton Cheese to be made in the village of its name has now found its way into the fashion world.

A Stilton coat has been created by designer Anne Foxley-Green who is now considering whether to extend the range to include household goods.

Anne (61) who lives in Hampton Vale having once resided in Stilton, has enjoyed a career in design which has even taken her to China.

However, the task to come up with a design for the coat proved to be exciting.

“It was a departure from things I have done before,” said Anne. “Having once lived in Stilton I was delighted and intrigued when asked to design a coat to support the Stilton Cheese campaign.

“Little did I realise that the challenge would prove so addictive.

“Once the cheesy jokes had settled the creative process sparked ideas for not only a coat that represents a traditional English delicacy but could also translate into a piece of wearable art and a whole range of possible products.”

Anne was commissioned to design the coat by Richard Landy, a frontline campaigner in the bid to allow the cheese to be made in Stilton.

The lining of the coat is a digitally printed image of the cheese while the yarn for the outer coat is made of buff wool bouclé.

The W.B. Yeats’ poem ‘A Coat’ has also been embroidered onto silk and embedded in the fabric of the coat. The coat patterns themselves were cut by Beverley Gosling.

The coat is being modelled by Sally Pinnegar.

Anne, who will now take the coat on exhibition, admits she could extend her range of Stilton items if there is a large enough interest.

She added: “If there is an entrepreneur out there it may well be they could sponsor a range of household goods and fashion.”