Re-elected MP Stewart Jackson in controversial victory speech

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Raucous scenes greeted a forthright victory speech from re-elected Tory MP Stewart Jackson after a tense Peterborough election count.

Mr Jackson spoke angrily about the campaign against him and called the Labour Party “losers” after defeating its candidate Lisa Forbes by a reduced margin of 1,925 votes.

General Election Count 2015.  Stewart Jackson wins his seat EMN-150805-033000001

General Election Count 2015. Stewart Jackson wins his seat EMN-150805-033000001

But Mr Jackson was himself criticised by other candidates after the controversial speech.

Mr Jackson, who prides himself on his “strong and independent voice,” was confronted with loud boos before, during and after his victory speech which was highly critical of Labour’s election campaign.

In scenes which surprised even experienced political reporters, Mr Jackson took to the electoral podium where the candidates were lined up and was quick to talk up his victory.

He said: “I fought a positive campaign, and what is sad about the Labour Party is their negative, churlish campaign.

“They are three-time losers.

“The Labour Party is intellectually barren, corrupt, useless, backward-looking losers.

“You cannot say I am not a diligent, community-focused, hard-working member of parliament.

“So I would finally say to the Labour Party, learn some humility. You’ve had a kicking tonight and there’s plenty more to come.”

The call for humility was quickly turned back on Mr Jackson by the candidates he had defeated.

Ms Forbes said: “[His speech] was absolutely over the top. What Stewart needs to understand is more people actually voted against him than voted for him.

“There are a lot of people out there who don’t think Stewart is representing them. So he needs to go away and think about that. And he needs to think about looking after those people that are really struggling out there.

“I’ve met them. I’ve met people that are living by candle light, people that are using food banks in this city, people that are on zero hour contracts. And there’s a real fear as well we can lose our NHS.

“When he thinks about the amount of votes he got and the amount of people that voted against him, that should make him go away and think and be a bit more humble actually.”

UKIP candidate Mary Herdman, who came third in the vote, said: “I didn’t like it [his speech]. I don’t like people attacking other parties at all.

“I thought all credit to Lisa Forbes in as much as she didn’t react which was good.

“I just don’t think he should have done it. He shouldn’t have spoken like that.

“Even if the Labour [supporters] were saying things to him, you don’t go down to their level I don’t think.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Darren Fower said: “I think that Labour and the Conservatives were quite tribal. I think for some of the new people they would have been taken aback.

“If you said, ‘would you prefer not to see that sort of negativity?’ of course. Because we are always looking to attract new people to get involved.

“And if anyone new had seen that, I suspect they probably would have been rather disheartened.

“I think you should always, whether you win or whether you lose, have some humility.”

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