PT asks for election banners to be moved

Stewart Jackson posters at Priestgate House EMN-150428-184022009
Stewart Jackson posters at Priestgate House EMN-150428-184022009
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The Peterborough Telegraph has asked its landlord to move banners promoting the election campaign of Conservative Stewart Jackson placed on its offices in Peterborough.

The banners, promoting Mr Jackson’s campaign were placed on the building in Priestgate, Peterborough at the end of last week.

Peterborough Telegraph editor Mark Edwards said that since then a number of readers had contacted the paper to ask if it endorsed Mr Jackson’s campaign.

Mr Edwards said: “The PT does not support any political party and we want to make it absolutely clear that we are not, in any way, endorsing Stewart Jackson’s campaign - we are impartial.

“We have asked our landlords to move the signs away from our own signage as it has created a concern among readers that putting Mr Jackson’s banner there could be mis-construed.

“We have responded on social media to a number of people who have questioned whether the banner is there by our consent and reassured them that is not the case.

“We had hoped the banners could be moved, however, as this has not happened yet we have decided to make it absolutely clear that they are not in any way connected to the paper.

“We do not own the building and have no control on the banners placed on it. We were unaware that the landlord planned to put the banners on the building and were not consulted at any stage.

“Of course, it is a free country and our landlords can display whatever they wish and Stewart Jackson and any other candidate is free to market themselves as they see fit. Because we do not own the building we cannot demand that banners are taken down or moved. However, I have made it clear to our landlords that we wish, at the least, to have them moved away from our signage and have sent many of the tweets received from readers as evidence that the placing of the banners could cause confusion. “I had hoped that by now the banners would have at least been moved away from our signage to avoid any possible confusion on the part of some people, but as yet am still waiting for a response to that request.

“Once again, I would like to reassure readers that the PT is impartial and does not support any election candidate.”

The building is managed by New London Gate Ltd and spokesman James Edwards said: “New London Gate Ltd, who manage New Priestgate House where the Peterborough Telegraph Office is based, received an approach from the local Conservative Party about placing their campaign signs on the building. New London Gate Ltd is pleased to participate in local democracy by making space available for campaign signs like many other businesses in the Peterborough area, during the weeks leading up to the election.”