Protest as UKIP leader joins city Brexit meeting

UKIP leader Gerard Batten was the guest speaker at an '˜SOS Brexit' meeting in Peterborough hosted by party MEP Patrick O'Flynn.

Saturday, 3rd November 2018, 4:00 pm
Brexit meeting at the Great Northern Hotel. The audience EMN-181029-231030009

Outside in the cold a group of protesters had gathered, content to give out leaflets, mostly attacking Mr Batten and UKIP for ‘befriending’ former leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson, but they refused to come and take part in the meeting at the Great Northern Hotel, despite being invited in several times.

Addressing the audience, Mr Batten said: “There has been a relentless scare campaign in the press over the last two-and-a-half years trying to terrify people about the consequences of delivering Brexit.

“Article 50 is a trap designed by the EU to enable MEPs at the European Commission to prevent any country from ever leaving the EU.

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“I designed an exit plan explaining how it could work, but Mrs May has rejected every part of it as she doesn’t want to leave either, and it is definitely in her plans for our military to be run down to next to nothing and to be replaced with a European Army.”

This was followed by audience cries of “she’s a traitor” and “treason”. Mr O’Flynn said: “If this government does not deliver Brexit, they will open the gates of hell.”

One supporter asked: “Gerard we are all behind you - what do you want the foot soldiers to do?”.

Mr Batten answered: “Set up a functioning branch, get a candidate, think about elections, raise money, get new members on board and then, when there is an election, get your community behind you.”

Mr O’Flynn added: “I would never condone civil disobedience, but the people of this country are being betrayed... and so I would seriously advocate that people stop paying their TV licence on the basis that they are being lied to on a daily basis.”