Pro-Brexit MEP to hold outdoor debates in Peterborough city centre

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Pro-Brexit MEP Patrick O’Flynn is to stage a series of outdoor events in Peterborough city centre to allow people to debate their views on Brexit with him.

The Brexit campaigner, who has been confirmed as the SDP candidate if there is a parliamentary by-election in Peterborough, will stage his first “Pavement Politics” event outside the Town Hall in Bridge Street on St George’s Day, Tuesday, April 23rd.

Patrick O'Flynn

Patrick O'Flynn

Mr O’Flynn will man a stall with volunteer supporters from 11am to 1.30pm and will stage lightning 10 minute Brexit debates at noon, 12.30pm and 1pm.

Leave voters will also be able to sign a petition demanding that the Conservative and Labour leaderships order their MPs to get on with implementing Brexit.

Mr O’Flynn, whose office is in Peterborough, said: “Peterborough’s Leave vote was over 60 per cent - one of the highest in the Eastern region. I aim to make the betrayal of Brexit by all the Westminster parties a key issue if we finally get our by-election.

“I have already spoken to many people in the city who are furious at the failure of both the Conservatives and Labour to get us out of the EU despite their promises to honour the referendum result.

“In our quickfire debate, passers-by or people who have come along specifically to debate the issues with me will get a chance to have their say. So much of politics is pre-scripted and not aimed at normal people. I want to offer something spontaneous on a subject that is dear to the hearts of many thousands of Peterborough residents.

“Naturally I hope many people who stop by the stall will back my pro-Brexit stance. But those who don’t are more than welcome to take part in the debates - a good natured, lively argument is what brings politics to life.”