Peterborough’s city centre Christmas decorations to be reduced by £30,000 following controversial tree choice

The Christmas tree owned by Peterborough City Council in Cathedral Square
The Christmas tree owned by Peterborough City Council in Cathedral Square
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The annual amount spent on city centre Christmas decorations in Peterborough is set to be reduced by £30,000.

The decision comes just a few months after Peterborough City Council bought an unusual looking Christmas tree for Cathedral Square which drew a mixed reception from residents.

The tree cost around £40,000 but will last for at least five years, according to the council.

Its moment of fame came after a photographer perfectly captured a couple getting engaged right in front of it, prompting a huge reaction on Facebook as people tried to locate the mystery romantics who were later identified as Ian Peasgood and Anita Robson (daughter of Peterborough United legend Tommy Robson).

Of the £30,000 set to be saved every year for at least the next five years, £10,000 would be made available to fund local events for national celebrations.

A committee of councillors would decide if the money needed to be spent, with the Queen’s 90th birthday this year expected to be one event which would be celebrated in Peterborough.

The decision to reduce city centre Christmas decorations is part of the council’s 2016/17 budget proposals which will be voted on in March following a public consultation.


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