Peterborough parliamentary candidates make their pitch to voters after MP Fiona Onasanya loses her seat

Peterborough parliamentary candidates have made their pitch to voters after sitting MP Fiona Onasanya lost her seat.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 8:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 8:13 pm
The notice of the Recall Petition being pinned outside the Town Hall

Ms Onasanya was kicked out by her constituents with more than 10 per cent signing a Recall Petition, which finally closed this afternoon (Wednesday) after being open for six weeks.

A by-election has now been called for June 6.

Reacting to the result of the Recall Petition, SDP candidate for Peterborough Patrick O’Flynn said: “This whole process has taken far too long and left the people of Peterborough without proper parliamentary representation for months, but finally we can now look forward to a new MP being elected in a by-election.

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The notice of the Recall Petition being pinned outside the Town Hall

“As SDP candidate in that contest I will be endeavouring to make sure that the betrayal of Brexit by the establishment parties is a big issue, along with the need to invest in our local NHS, police and other key public services.”

UKIP candidate for Peterborough John Whitby said: “It’s no great surprise that the people of Peterborough have reacted so strongly to the opportunity to recall our disgraced MP and have made history as a result.

“Now comes the hard part, who do you want to send in her place?

“Another establishment party puppet who will do what they are told in order to have a ‘career’ in politics? Or, do you want someone who wants to do a job there for the city and the country and leave once the job is done?

“The only way to get a change is to do something different.

“Westminster will only ever listen when they are afraid of losing their seats. Send that message in this by-election. If you vote UKIP, suddenly the Westminster politicians will listen to Peterborough and the unheard voters in the UK and start to do what we instruct them.

“Local political focus, Peterborough priority and do the best for the city, the country and it’s people - that’s UKIP ideology.”

Labour candidate for Peterborough Lisa Forbes said: “It is great news for our city that the petition to recall Fiona Onasanya has passed. We in the Labour Party campaigned hard to pass this petition and the people of Peterborough have clearly said that they want a fresh start and an MP who will bring honesty and integrity to the role.

“We face a lot of challenges in our city, from the rising crime to the falling school standards. We now have the chance to change this, with a by-election to be announced soon we can offer the people of Peterborough the fresh start and better deal they deserve.

“I will be campaigning to be that fresh start, I know that together, we can build a Peterborough we can all be proud of.”

Conservative candidate for Peterborough Paul Bristow said: “The people of Peterborough deserve a better MP who will vote in Parliament to deliver Brexit. I’m delighted this result gives local people the chance to make their voices heard and vote for a better MP – and it will be a choice between Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour candidate and me.

“We have had a Labour MP who hasn’t improved the prospects of the local community and has consistently voted against delivering the referendum result to leave the EU.

“Peterborough’s choice will make a crucial difference to the future of what is already a thriving city, as well as one that has so much more potential. I’ll be fighting hard throughout this campaign to show why it is only a Conservative MP who can truly tackle crime and deliver the jobs and investment Peterborough needs, as well as to ensure Brexit is a success for the local community.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Peterborough Beki Sellick said: “So we’ve finally had the chance to demand a new MP for Peterborough. Brexit is the issue on Peterborough doorsteps, even when we’re out campaigning for tomorrow’s local elections.

“People tell me ‘the Tories aren’t delivering the Brexit I wanted”’ and ‘we’re Labour, but we can’t vote for Corbyn,’ or ‘I was Labour, but not now they’ve given up on Remain, and they’re not even calling for a People’s Vote. We can’t trust the Brexit parties either - they said Brexit would be easy and would benefit the NHS and the economy - but we know that jobs and nurses are disappearing’.

“‘The Lib Dems offer a positive way forward - and in a parliamentary by-election we can vote with our hearts without changing the Government. We can say we don’t want this Brexit. We want a People’s Vote, with the option to stick to the deal we have now, within the EU’.

“When people hear what we stand for, they like it; when they meet me, they can believe in me. Peterborough wants an honest and straightforward local MP to work for the good of everyone here.”

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