Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson says 10 per cent wage rise is ‘acceptable’ due to expenses and pension cuts

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson. Photo: Alan Storer
Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson. Photo: Alan Storer
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Stewart Jackson believes a 10 per cent wage rise for MPs is ‘acceptable’ despite Prime Minister David Cameron, a fellow Conservative, previously claiming the opposite.

Mr Jackson, MP for Peterborough, highlighted a reduction in expenses, resettlement allowances and pensions as a reason for having no problem with the wage rise.

Mr Jackson also made mention that the decision to increase wages was made by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) and not MPs.

Ipsa said the issue of politicians’ salaries could no longer be “ducked” and it is pushing ahead with the increase from £67,060 to £74,000.

The Prime Minister previously branded the boost, which is tied to cuts in pensions and expenses, “unacceptable” at a time of austerity.

But last month Downing Street indicated that Mr Cameron will not seek to block the move - and he will personally accept the money.

Politicians elected before 2015 - including Mr Cameron - will also see a major boost to their pensions as they are based on final salary.

The proposals have caused bitter divisions among MPs, in particular as public sector pay increases have been capped at one per cent for the next four years.

Mr Jackson said: “IPSA is an independent body and not subject to the decisions of Parliament or the Government and MPs have not voted on their pay or conditions since 2009.

“This is what voters say they wanted and is the right approach.

“My position is and has always been that given that the total package for MPs is actually reducing the financial burden on the taxpayer - by curtailing expenses, resettlement allowances and pensions etc - then a pay increase, cost neutral and recommended by an independent body using evidence from the UK and across the world, is acceptable.”

Shailesh Vara, Conservative MP for North West Cambridgeshire, has been contacted but was in meetings this afternoon.

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