Peterborough MP signals support for second Brexit vote

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MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya has signalled her support for a second vote on Brexit, either through another referendum or through a general election.

The Labour MP, who has been at the party’s conference in Liverpool, tweeted on Tuesday: “People voted to leave. Many voted to take back power - not more uncertainty. Surely then, it is fair to negotiate the best possible deal then put it to the people to decide?”

Fiona Onasanya

Fiona Onasanya

Ms Onasanya, who voted to Remain, has previously told the Peterborough Telegraph that she will “respect” the “will of the people” and the “referendum result,” adding that her priority in the Brexit negotiations is trade and jobs.

Peterborough voted firmly for Leave in the EU referendum in June 2016, with 61 per cent backing Brexit, but Ms Onasanya defeated staunch Brexiteer Stewart Jackson in an election a year after the national vote.

The PT contacted Ms Onasanya’s spokesman asking whether she would back Remain being an option should a second referendum be held, but we had not received a response at the time of going to press.