Peterborough MP Shailesh Vara asks Theresa May to instruct release of ‘required’ no deal Brexit funds

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Shailesh Vara asked Theresa May today to instruct the release of “whatever funds are required” to prepare for a no deal Brexit.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions this lunchtime (Wednesday, March 13), the Conservative MP for North West Cambridgeshire asked Mrs May: “Given that no deal Brexit is the Government’s default position, will the Prime Minister kindly inform the House that she will instruct the Chancellor of the Exchequer to make available whatever funds are required to ensure that the country is as best prepared as possible in the event that we do leave on a no deal basis?”

Shailesh Vara

Shailesh Vara

The Prime Minister responded: “Obviously we continue to work to leave in an orderly fashion with a deal, but we have made funding available and it is being used to make sure that we have preparations for a no deal.”

MPs are tonight voting on whether to back a motion against leaving the EU without a deal.

If this is successful, as expected, MPs will then vote tomorrow on whether to ask for an extension to Article 50 to delay the UK’s exit from the EU.

However, all remaining EU 27 member states would have to accept an extension for it to be approved. If not, then the UK would still be scheduled to leave on March 29.

Mr Vara has indicated he will reject both taking no deal off the table and extending Article 50.


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