Peterborough elections: electoral fraud hotline and proxy votes reminder

Voters are being reminded that there is an electoral fraud hotline in Peterborough.

City council elections take place tomorrow (Thursday, May 3) to elect 18 councillors, with polling booths open from 7am to 10pm.

Polling station in Peterborough

Polling station in Peterborough

This year a new campaign called ‘Your Vote is Yours Alone’ is helping to prevent electoral fraud.

The campaign raises awareness of what constitutes unacceptable pressure to influence whether or how someone casts their vote. The campaign is being run by local authorities with the support of the Electoral Commission and Crimestoppers, the anonymous crime reporting charity.

The city council has set up an election fraud hotline and anyone who has any concerns can report them by calling 01733 452277, email or complete an online form at

Any concerns will be referred to the police for investigation. Alternatively, if you believe an offence is in progress contact police on 101.

Meanwhile, proxy voters are being reminded to bring photographic ID to polling stations when they vote tomorrow.

As part of Peterborough’s involvement in the Voter Pilot Scheme, all proxy voters are required to produce photographic identification at polling stations, before being issued with a ballot paper to vote on another’s behalf.

Forms of photographic identification that will be accepted at the polling station are:

UK, EU or Commonwealth Passport

UK or EU driving licence

Overseas passport

EEA or Swiss passport

Biometric Residence Permit

EEA Identity Card

Military Cards

Disabled Persons Bus Pass

Northern Ireland Electoral ID Card.

If you have been appointed as a proxy at these elections and you are unable to supply any of the above forms of identification you can apply for an electoral identification letter from Peterborough City Council free of charge up to 5pm on polling day. You will need to apply in person at Peterborough Town Hall, in Bridge Street, and supply two of the following documents:

Official Government/Local Government correspondence*

Bank/Building Society/Mortgage/Credit Card/Pension statement/passbook*

Bank/Building Society account opening confirmation letter*

Mobile phone statement*

Current Bank/Building Society Savings/Cheque Book Post Office Savings Account statement*

Council Tax statement*

Utility Bill*

P45 or P60 statement (not older than 12 months)

Full old-style driving licence Birth/Adoption/Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate

Firearms licence

Police Bail sheet

*Indicates that document should not be more than three months old.

Polling station information can be found on polling cards, or on the council’s website at

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the council’s website, you can also call the elections helpline on 01733 452249 or email