Peterborough by-election: Christian Peoples Alliance confirm candidate

The Christian Peoples Alliance party have announced that Dr Tom Rogers has been nominated for the Peterborough by-election.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 5:02 pm
Tom lives in Gunthorpe. He now works as an education manager having previously been an English teacher

Dr Rogers lives in Gunthorpe with his wife and four children. He now works as an education manager, having previously been an English teacher.

He said: “I’m standing for the Christian Peoples Alliance because I believe our society desperately needs bold direction at this crucial time. The CPA is a party that is prepared to speak the truth, that has the right values and vision, whilst having down to earth policies that work for the benefit and good of everyone in the community.”

Along with announcing Dr Rogers as their candidate, the Christian Parties Alliance (CPA) have also confirmed a number of policies ahead of next month’s vote.

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Tom lives in Gunthorpe. He now works as an education manager having previously been an English teacher

The CPA supports leaving the EU immediately, arguing that no deal would be preferable to Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. They say the country could have another referendum on the EU but not until at least five years after leaving.

Other key CPA policies include introducing a Turnover Tax, offset against Corporation Tax (tax on profits), targeted at big multinational online companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook who send all their profits abroad so don’t pay tax on profits earned in the UK. This would operate like a Company VAT payment with the same threshold, £85,000.

They say they would use the money raised through this to immediately halve commercial rates to help city centre stores; Restore the £12bn Tory cuts to benefits and guarantee night shelters free for all homeless people and work with them to provide suitable permanent accommodation. Tom Rogers commented that ‘No one should be left hungry and out in the cold’ and support marriage by paying a grant of £12,000 for a first marriage and £6,000 on the birth of a first child backed up with training and support. The CPA say ‘this will address family breakdown which has been estimated to cost the country around £51 billion a year, aside from the human cost’.

Dr Rogers has also raised major concerns about the Government’s new compulsory relationships and sex education in schools, ‘because they are denying parents the right to withdraw their child, even if they have serious concerns about what is being taught.’

Dr Rogers said: “We all want our children to be safe, but this cannot be done by stopping conscientious parents from exercising their best judgement over what their children need to learn about and when. Schools should be places of education not state indoctrination.”