Peterborough donation campaign to help refugees

Sophie Antonelli at the Green Backyard
Sophie Antonelli at the Green Backyard
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Residents in Peterborough are being urged to donate money and items to help desperate refugees.

Sophie Antonelli and Jay Gearing are running a campaign to collect items to be sent to camps in Calais.

The pair, who will be collecting items at The Green Backyard in Oundle Road, are looking for mens clothes and money to help.

Sophie said: “Myself and Jay are friends, and are trustees at the Green Backyard.

“We were talking about the refugee crisis, and we both had the sense of wanting to do more.
“It is happening so close to us, on our doorstep.

““We are both very busy people, but the humanitarian crisis is so enormous, we were able to get the Green Backyard board to agree to using the site as a drop off point.”

One of the things the campaign is looking to fund is ‘rocket stoves’ - fuel efficient stoves that do not need gas canisters for power.

Sophie said: “The stoves can feed 100 people at once, and can be made so they are very durable.

“We are also looking at getting mens clothes.

“We know people have seen the images of women and children, but in the camps in Calais it is 90 per cent men. There is not a lot of storage, and they already have a lot of women’s and children’s clothes.

“The men in camp tend to be quite slim, so small and medium clothes are very useful.
“There is also a shortage of shoes, so they are particularly needed.”

Other items requested are toiletries, sleeping bags, tents, blankets and candles.

The Green Backyard is open for donations on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday between 11am and 4pm.

People can donate money to the campaign by visiting