PETERBOROUGH CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Restaurant owner wins in Hargate and Hempsted

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The owner of Maharanis restaurant in Hampton, Mohammed Farooq, held onto the seat for the Conservatives.

The Tories continue to hold all three seats in the ward.

Mohammed Farooq (centre)

Mohammed Farooq (centre)

Mr Farooq said: "I've worked in the community for a long time, but now I've reached 50 I fancied doing even more.

"The support I've received in the ward has been humbling.

"I've been knocking on doors and the first thing people have been saying is 'did we order a curry!'

"I can't wait to get started. I will be doing all I can to get funding for the ward. I will work as hard as I can..

"My analogy now is 'for 20 years I've been asking people for their orders in my restaurant' and now I will be asking them for orders of a different kind!"


Alex BAILEY (Green) - 44

Mohammed FAROOQ (Conservative) - 616

Callie HARGREAVES (Labour and Co-operative) - 306

Chris WIGGIN (Liberal Democrat) - 289

Turnout - 27.7%