PETERBOROUGH CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Former Conservative leader loses seat

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Former Peterborough City Council leader John Peach lost his seat this evening.

Mr Peach, who also served as Mayor of Peterborough, was defeated by Labour's Aasiyah Joseph to give the party all three councillors in Park ward.

Aasiyah Joseph celebrates her win

Aasiyah Joseph celebrates her win

The victorious candidate said: "I won through hard work and I have a magic team that has supported me all of the way. Thank you to my amazing team and everyone who supported me and voted for me."

Mr Peach, who was council leader for three years up until 2009, said: "It's been a great experience and an honour to represent Park ward where I live."


Aasiyah JOSEPH (Labour) - 1,714

John Philip PEACH (Conservative) - 1,260

Fiona RADIC (Green) - 105

Ian HARDMAN (Liberal Democrat) - 104

Turnout - 46.35%