Pay rises for senior staff but city council will make savings

The council chamber at Peterborough Town Hall
The council chamber at Peterborough Town Hall
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Peterborough City Council employees are to receive a pay rise in a senior management restructure, although the authority still expects to make a large saving.

The restructure sees four fewer posts at the council, but also includes an increase in salary for current council staff who will take on newly created roles.

The council expects the changes will save £500,000 every year.

Wendi Ogle-Welbourn has been appointed Corporate Director: People and Communities with a salary of £135,000.

This new role is the result of a merger of the three existing director roles of executive director of children’s services, executive director of adult social care and public health and director for communities, resulting in two fewer directors overall.

Adrian Chapman has been appointed service director: adult services and communities with a salary of £99,000.

He will be responsible for commissioning and service provision for all adult and community services including strategic housing, public health delivery, community safety, youth offending and integrated offender management, Adult Social Care commissioning and delivery, community cohesion and social inclusion, community development and the customer experience programme.

Lou Williams has been appointed service director: children’s services with a salary of £98,000.

He will be responsible for commissioning and service provision for Children’s Services and will also lead on safeguarding.

Richard Godfrey has been appointed sssistant director: digital Peterborough with a salary of £66,640. He will lead the council’s ICT strategy.

Annette Joyce has been confirmed in the role of service director: city services and communications on a salary of £75,199. She will be responsible for parking and parking enforcement, CCTV, markets, city centre management, events, the tourism and visitor economy, the council’s marketing and communications, licencing, environmental health, trading standards, emergency planning, resilience, health and safety and partnership arrangements with the culture and leisure trust Vivacity.

Dr Liz Robin has been appointed to the role of director of public health.

Dr Robin, who holds the same position for Cambridgeshire County Council, will perform it for Peterborough two days a week, as part of a year’s trial with the county council.

The salary for the role is £43,000.

The post carries statutory responsibility for the council’s public health functions including health protection, health improvement and public health advice.

The role had previously been offered to Dr Henrietta Ewart for just shy of £118,000,

However, there was disagreement over whether Dr Ewart’s contract could continue from her time in the NHS, which would include her years of employment, rather than being a new one.

This would have impacted on any pay-outs should she have been made redundant.