Parties name Peterborough candidates for the 2015 general election

Parish council election news.
Parish council election news.
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Candidates hoping to be Peterborough’s next Member of Parliament are targeting the Consevative-held seat in next May’s election.

Mary Herdman (66) for Ukip and Darren Bisby-Boyd (33) for the Green Party have been named as the two parties’ candidates.

They will join Lisa Forbes of Labour in trying to unseat incumbent Stewart Jackson who has been the city’s MP since 2005.

Ms Herdman, who stood for Ukip in 2005, has high hopes of winning the seat and believes Mr Jackson has not done enough for constituents.

She said: “It’s a winnable seat. It’s a seat that swings. Ukip has a chance anyway as it’s not a strong Conservative seat.”

“I do not have anything against Stewart, he’s a nice enough guy. But I personally do not see him doing a lot.

“He likes having his picture in the paper but what has he actually achieved? I’ve not seen anything yet.

“I think I can do a lot. People want common sense policies bringing back again. Conservatives and Labour are now just copying Ukip policies.

“The present government has had five years to sort things out but has done nothing except build up our debt.”

Mr Bisby-Boyd, a Hampton parish councillor, believes he can offer an alternative to the other main parties who he feels only represent the centre ground.

He said: “Peterborough is one of the most socially deprived areas in the East of England and I would look to try and bring in high investment and sustainble investment.

“What we are aiming to do is engage mainly working class people.”

Policies which the Greens will be promoting to Peterborough residents include supporting a minimum wage of £10 per hour by 2020, nationalising the rail industry and removing privatisation from the NHS.

Mr Jackson won 40.4 per cent of the vote in the May 2010 election, compared to 6.7 per cent for Ukip and 1.2 per cent for the Greens.