North Westgate plans could be put forward in 2015

Aerials'North Westgate ENGEMN00120120803144038
Aerials'North Westgate ENGEMN00120120803144038
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Plans to develop North Westgate in Peterborough could be brought to fruition in 2015.

It was revealed on Wednesday, 17 December that a planning application is expected to come near the middle of 2015.

Last year, details emerged of a planned £100 million leisure-lead development of the area.

The plans included: A four star hotel, an eight screen multiplex cinema, a new market, plus a range of quality shops and restaurants alongside apartments and homes.

Speaking during the debate to pass the Peterborough City Centre Development Plan, Councillor Nazim Khan said: “If this plan delivers one item in the city centre I will be the happiest person in Peterborough. And that is the development at Westgate.

“We’ve spent enough money at Queensgate, a fantastic centre, we are spending quite a lot of money at the railway and Bourges Boulevard, and yet 
200 yards away or less we have a derelict space standing empty for the last 15 to 20 years and we don’t seem to be 
getting any nearer to developing it.”

Council leader Cllr Marco Cereste said: “As my colleagues have said, if we are able to deliver the plan then we will have this city as one of the best places to live, work and invest in, in the whole of the UK.

“I believe delivery is going to happen, if not exactly to plan.

“I believe some very high quality developers want to come to this city and invest and we will be seeing a planning application for North Westgate probably in April or May.”

But, he added: “I can only pass on what I believe to be true.”

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