No Brexit referendum for five years pledges Christian Peoples Alliance candidate for Peterborough

The Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) election candidate for Peterborough has revealed his party’s priorities for the upcoming campaign.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 12:08 pm
Tom Rogers from the Christian Peoples Alliance

Dr Tom Rogers, who also stood in the by-election in June, said that “Britain needs Christian values” and that the country must leave the EU completely.

He said the CPA would allow another referendum, but not until at least five years after Brexit.

Dr Rogers said: “The CPA policy is the only fair way of trying to re-unite the nation on this divisive issue, though we have faith in Britain’s ability to thrive as an independent nation.”

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Dr Rogers was nominated by his party last week to stand in Peterborough at the General Election on December 12.

Aside from Brexit, the party is also standing on a strong pro-life platform and is pledging to restore full legal protection to unborn children while diverting more than £200 million of taxpayers’ money spent each year on funding abortions here and abroad into supporting any mother in a crisis pregnancy situation.

Dr Rogers said: “Every single day of this election campaign an average of 598 babies will lose their lives to abortion in the UK, with over nine million lives lost altogether as a result of the 1967 Abortion Act. This is a national tragedy — we have to have the courage to face this issue and look for compassionate alternatives.”

The CPA said it would also support marriage and the family with a £12,000 grant to first-time married couples and £6,000 upon the birth of their first child, provided they attend the required number of training sessions in marriage preparation and childcare.

Dr Rogers said: “Aside from the human cost, family breakdown has been estimated to cost the taxpayer £48 billion per year. No other party will address this issue’.”

The CPA said its marriage and first-child grant (costing £4 billion) and other key policies would be funded by the introduction of a turnover tax of five per cent, offset against corporation tax, which is intended to stop big multinational companies such as Facebook, Google and Starbucks sending their UK profits abroad in order to cut down their tax bill.

This would raise an estimated £32 billion, the party claimed.

Other policies include halving commercial rates to revive city centres, “properly funding” Universal Credit, restoring £12 billion of benefit cuts and offering rough sleepers a free night shelter with a meal.

The full list of candidates can be viewed on the Peterborough Telegraph website at: