Niece of wartime hero visits grave

Vesna at the grave
Vesna at the grave
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The niece of a wartime hero travelled from Florida to visit his grave in Yaxley.

Vesna Beck visited Yaxley Cemetery where the Yaxley branch of the Royal British Legion helped her to commemorate her uncle Nebojsa ‘Neb’ Kujundzic.

Neb served in the RAF during the Second World War but died on March 4, 1943 during a training flight when one of the engines on his Lancaster bomber burst into flames.

Neb ordered his crew to parachute to safety while he steered the plane clear of the houses in Yaxley to avoid certain devastation, despite the fact that he knew it would cost him his life.

The plane ending up crashing in an orchard just outside Yaxley, and a street in the village is now called ‘Lancaster Way’.

Former Yaxley parish councillor Ann Rees said: “It was so moving.

“Vesna and her family then went back to the British Legion for tea and biscuits and they had a great chat.

“Thank you to the Royal British Legion of Yaxley and the parish council’s chairman Kevin Gulson that this was able to be arranged and be so successful.”