New transport plan for Peterborough to be introduced - what would you like to see?

Traffic jams on the A47  ENGEMN00120130820093452
Traffic jams on the A47 ENGEMN00120130820093452
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More cycling routes, priority for buses and new railway stations could all be part of a new transport plan for Peterborough with residents being offered their say.

The fourth Local Transport Plan will run from 2016-2021 and, according to a Peterborough City Council report, ‘sets out how the city’s transport system will support the future growth and development of Peterborough’.

The report will be discussed by the council’s Sustainable Growth And Environment Capital Scrutiny Committee this evening (Thursday, July 16) before a consultation begins with residents and organisations.

The council is proposing a similar plan to the one which expires in March next year, which includes some of the following details:

City Core

. Reducing the number of vehicles driving through the core of the city centre

. Expanding pedestrian and shared cycle and walking areas

. Improving access to and around the city centre for those with mobility difficulties

City Centre

. Encouraging more people to use public transport by aiming to provide a major new transport interchange and improving access to the railway station

. Giving priority to buses on the roads to make public transport journeys the quickest and easiest way of getting around (including on Bourges Boulevard and Crescent Bridge)

. Creating much better cycle routes and footways around the city centre to give cyclists and pedestrians priority access

Outer City

. Introducing a permanent Park and Ride to reduce traffic into city centre

. Working with Network Rail to investigate the possibility of opening new railway stations to improve rail links from neighbouring areas of the city.

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