Milestone for Green Backyard fundraising appeal

The Green Backyard in Peterborough
The Green Backyard in Peterborough
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Supporters of Peterborough’s Green Backyard have raised more than £11,000 in the first 10 days of their fund raising campaign.

Volunteers at the community garden are raising funds to protect the site from development, after landowners Peterborough City Council revealed plans to sell it by March of next year.

Two weeks ago they launched a campaign calling on people to save The Green Backyard “one square foot at a time”.

Green Backyard trustee Stuart Middleton said: “We’ve had a great response to the campaign from our supporters but also from people across the country who had never heard of the Green Backyard before.

“These first couple of weeks have strengthened our belief that there are enough people out there who recognise the importance of urban green spaces and are willing to donate and lobby to save those spaces.

“We’ve got a long way to go but this is an amazing start and we’re very grateful to all those who have donated already.”

The campaign was boosted by a pledge of £1,500 from The Francis and Maisie Pryor Charitable Trust.

Trust chair Nyree Ambarchian said: “We wanted to support the Green Backyard because we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact it is making in Peterborough.”

Other organisations have also added their support to the Green Backyard’s campaign with Unite the Union and the Peterborough Trades Union Council donating £450.

The Green Backyard’s Christmas Fair raised about £1,000.

Details of the campaign to #SaveTheGBY #OneSquareFootAtATime can be found at