Man who built city recommended for Freedom Of Peterborough award

Charles Swift (left) and  Wyndham Thomas (right)
Charles Swift (left) and Wyndham Thomas (right)
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The man responsible for the original expansion of Peterborough has been recommended to receive the freedom of the city.

Councillor Peter Hiller, cabinet member for planning and housing services, has recommend Mr Wyndham Thomas CBE be given the highest honour available in Peterborough.

Councillor Marco Cereste, leader of Peterborough City Council, will recommend The Salvation Army receive the prestigious award.

The notice of motion to recognise Mr Wyndham Thomas CBE states: ‘Mr Wyndham Thomas was one of the most instrumental men in the development of Peterborough...A true visionary, Mr Thomas was in charge of the city’s development for over 14 years overall, during which he excelled and contributed tremendously to this great city.’

The notice of motion to recognise The Salvation Army states: ‘The Salvation Army tirelessly strives to reach out and serve communities all over the world...making a significant difference through their remarkable labours...Thanks to these admirable soldiers, there is a never a need for anyone to feel lonely in Peterborough.’

Councillor Marco Cereste said: “The Honorary Freedom of the City is the highest recognition the council can bestow. The award has been granted only 51 times since 1906. I am very proud to recommend that The Salvation Army becomes recipient 53.

“The Army seeks to aid all those who suffer, never allowing differences of race or religion to hinder their fight. The Salvation Army has played a major role bringing different faiths to work together in Peterborough.”

Councillor Peter Hiller said: “We have many reasons to acknowledge the pioneering work of Wyndham Thomas. Peterborough as we all know and love the city would simply not exist.

“Mr Thomas led the development of Peterborough for over 14 years. We have him to thank for the beautiful Nene Park, Thorpe Wood Golf Course and major employers including Thomas Cook and John Lewis. He rightly deserves the thanks of all in Peterborough for making the city the successful place it is today.”

The recommendations will be made during an extraordinary Council meeting at Peterborough Town Hall at 6.30pm on Wednesday 4 March 2015. The meeting precedes the budget setting meeting which begins at 7pm.