Local elections 2012: Central ward - Three scrap for Central

Election news from The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/elections
Election news from The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/elections
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Current cllr – Nazim Khan: CENTRAL ward has the highest proportion of Asian voters of any ward in Peterborough.

Of 8,762 living in the ward, 4,172 (47.6 per cent) are Muslim, and the three current council representatives (Cllrs Khan, Nadeem and Jamil) are all Asian.

The ward tends to have the largest turnout of any in Peterborough City Council elections - with almost 3,398 votes counted when Cllr Khan won his seat in 2008.

The two sitting councillors are not up for election and are from rival parties (Cllr Jamil is Labour while Cllr Nadeem is Conservative). If Cllr Khan retains his seat, Labour will retain the advantage in the ward, but a win for Mr Sabeel would put the Conservatives in the majority.

Hoping to break up the big-party monopoly is Dr Ian Tennant, who will make Central a three-party ward if he wins for the Greens.

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Nazim KHAN

CURRENT ward councillor Nazim Khan (61, Labour) is also his party’s group leader for Peterborough City Council.

He has also served on the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, Licensing Committee and represents the city council on the Cambridgeshire Police Authority.

Closer to home, he is vice chair of governors at Gladstone Primary School and is chairman of Gladstone Connect Limited.

He said: “The main issues are securing capital project funding for building extensions at two primary schools and the return of Gladstone Park Community Centre back to the hands of the local community.

“I will lobby the city council to expedite the Westgate and Station quarter developments, and champion the evolution of neighbourhood councils.”

Mohammed SABEEL

CONSERVATIVE candidate Mohammed Sabeel (51) is standing for election after growing frustrated at the current representatives on the city council.

He was educated to O Level standard in Bradford, before moving to Central ward - where he has lived for over 30 years.

Mr Sabeel said: “I decided to stand due to the frustration of seeing massive decline in both the social and physical fabric of Central ward.

“We need a representative who will focus on local issues that affect us all on a daily basis.

“The politics of empty rhetoric must be replaced with the enduring politics of concern and positive action.”

Mr Sabeel works for a national agency in the Housing and Homelessness sector.

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GIVING residents a chance to vote for something different is the reason Dr Ian Tennant (33, Green Party) is standing for election.

Dr Tennant has a PhD in clinical and surgical sciences, and works as a Communities Team Project Officer for Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT).

He said: “I’m certainly more of a Gandhi than a Thatcher.

“For years I have worked for charities and projects to improve the ecology and environment.

“Personal finance is a priority - for some this translates into poverty. Development for the city should support local businesses which have low negative impact on the environment.

“There should be more health education - such as cafes where parents can get practical support on diet and healthy eating.”