LIVE BLOG: Timetable of key results and events at Peterborough City Council Local Elections 2022

Follow all of the results of the local elections in Peterborough with updates from tonight’s count (May 5) on the PT live blog.

By Ben Jones
Friday, 6th May 2022, 2:44 am
Peterborough local elections are taking place tonight.
Peterborough local elections are taking place tonight.

Peterborough went to the polls on Thursday (May 5) to elect 19 city councillors in 18 wards, as well as a number of parish councillors in 12 wards.

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Follow all of the results as they come in on the PT live blog below.

LIVE BLOG: Candidates face nervous wait to see how they have fared at Peterborough City Council Local Elections 2022

Last updated: Friday, 06 May, 2022, 02:45

  • 19 councillors to be elected
  • Conservatives have controlled the council since 2000
  • Conservatives currently have 28 seats and 30 are needed for a majority
  • 12 parish council elections are also being held
  • Green leader Julie Howell and Mayor Steven Lane among those up for election
  • Both Labour and the Tories are battling for control of Peterborough

Join us here throughout the night as the make-up of Peterborough City Council is decided. 19 councillors will be elected in 18 wards, which could drastically change the balance of power in the city.

The Conservative group have been in control of the council since 2000. They are the only group that can end the night with an overall majority but Labour will be hoping to end the night in control of the council in the form of a coalition between themselves, the Lib Dems, Greens and independents.

The Conservatives have claimed 28 seats this evening (image: David Lowndes)


The Local Election 2022 results means Peterborough City Council administration still remains under no overall control.

Today’s results mean the Conservative position is unchanged with 28 seats, 17 Labour, 8 Liberal Democrats, 3 Green Party and 4 Others.

Fletton & Stanground (election of 2 councillors)

Christian Hogg & Jade Seager elected. Christian Hogg (Lib Dem) - 1030, Asim Mahmood (Labour) - 442, Jade Seager (Lib Dem) - 928, Vishal Vichare (Conservative) - 566, Irene Walsh (Conservative) - 605.

26.5% turnout

Hampton Vale

It’s a Conservative hold in Hampton Vale. Marco Cereste (Conservative) - 398, Arturs Fedorovs (Freedom Alliance, Real People, Real Alternative) - 54, Polly Geraghty (Liberal Democrat) - 291, Bill Thompson (Labour) - 264, Barry Warne (Green) - 65.

20.65% turnout


It’s a Conservative gain in Ravensthorpe from Independent. Richard Cham (Liberal Democrat) - 156, Ed Murphy (Independent) - 615, Mohammed Rangzeb (Conservative) - 1202, Mohammed Tokir (Labour and Co-operative) - 775.

35.97% turnout

Orton Waterville

It’s a Green hold in Orton Waterville and Julie Howell is re-elected.

Vince Carroll (Liberal Democrat) - 72, Julie Howell (Green) - 1907, Henry McKearney (Labour) - 217, Michael Samways (Conservative) - 593.

38.02% turnout


It’s a Labour hold in Central. Steve Cawley (Trad Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 52, Alison Jones (Labour and Co-Operative) - 1720, Raymond Knight (Green) - 147, Aleem Miran (Conservative) - 937, Paul Whittaker (Liberal Democrat) - 127.

34.97% turnout


It’s a Werrington First hold and Steve Lane is re-elected. Simon Kail (Liberal Democrat) - 137, Steve Lane (Werrington First) - 1373, Jason McNally (Labour) - 414, Hayley Shelton (Conservative) - 495, Georgia Wade (Green) - 166).

32.4% turnout

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