Liberal Democrat candidate apologises after election leaflet suggests Peterborough school is struggling

Parish council election news.
Parish council election news.
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A Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has apologised to a Peterborough primary school after his election leaflet suggested it was struggling.

North West Cambridgeshire candidate Nick Sandford used the phrase ‘£2.5bn extra for struggling school kids’ right above a photo of himself outside Hampton Vale Primary School.

The leaflet from Nick Sandford

The leaflet from Nick Sandford

Mr Sandford said the leaflet was never meant to suggest that the school, which is rated as ‘good’ by Ofsted, was not doing well.

It was, he added, an attempt to highlight the pupil premium given to schools across the country by the government.

Mr Sandford apologised to Hampton Vale’s head teacher Anne Byrne following a hustings at the school yesterday (Thursday, April 30).

Ms Byrne said: “We are absolutely prepared to accept Nick’s apology. We are grateful he has recognised the implied slur on our school.

“Whilst we understand his intention was not to deliberately criticise our school, we did not appreciate being part of the political battle.

“Our children, parents, staff and governors were extremely offended by the suggestion that we are struggling when in fact we are a very successful primary school full of wonderful young children.”

Mr Sandford said: “I’ve apologised. There was no way I wanted that leaflet to say this is a failing school.

“The leaflet was talking about investment in the pupil premium.

“I just wanted to have a school in Hampton as we are targeting that area in the local council campaign.

“I’m quite happy to apologise in out next newsletter.

“It’s positive the school feels so passionately about this.”