LETTER: Stunned by Peterborough's perilous pothole problem

I am amazed at the situation at Junction 3 of Fletton Parkway!

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 9:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 10:00 am
Pothole problem

The Nene Parkway and two/three of the slip roads at Junction 3 were resurfaced some time ago now.

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However why was the slip road from the parkway from the Frank Perkins direction not done at the same time? This is in poor condition. Also at the top of the roundabout the surface across the top from Tesco direction leading to Nene Parkway was very bad before the aforementioned resurfacing but has been left in very poor and dangerous state ever since. Some tar has been put in some of the ruts but it is in need of complete resurfacing. Why was this not included in the major works at the time? Another developing situation is at the Amazon roundabout leading to Stanground by-pass. There is a widening gap appearing in the middle of the road from Stanground direction. I have seen many drivers change lanes whilst negotiating the roundabout in an attempt to miss the gap but creating dangerous collision situations.

Some time ago there was publicity about a “Flame Dragon” machine which was heralded as a solution to the pot hole situation across the county. This does not appear to have been active in Peterborough area of county.

L Moore - via email