LETTER: Peterborough City Council's public loo closure typically punishes the innocent

Without fanfare or any previous warning, Peterborough City Council decided to close the Market Way toilets permanently to the public as from March 31.

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 1:26 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th April 2018, 1:31 pm
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You may think that this is a late April Fool joke but unfortunately it is not. This now leaves Car Haven as the only public toilets left in the City Centre. The feeble reasons quoted for the closure are anti-social behaviour caused by drug taking involving needles.

This disgraceful closure is typical of the way this council works.

Instead of targeting the culprits, they target the 99 per cent of the clean normal toilet users. In effect, they are rewarding the guilty, and punishing the innocent. Utterly typical.

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Now this leaves, say for example, all the Passport Office and market customers, and perhaps Tesco and Wilkinsons customers looless. What a tremendous advert for any tourist that might dare to come. What with skyhigh car parking charges, lacklustre shops in the centre and now no toilets, can there be a valid reason why anybody would want to come here? Answers on the pack of a postage stamp please. Yet planners have happily allowed Serpentine Green to develop, offering free parking and all the big name shops, and all this less than five miles from the City Centre.

It is not common knowledge that the market organised a petition opposing the toilet closure, with hundreds of signatures. This petition of course was ignored. One wonders where all this might end for that end of the town. In tears I suspect.

Paul Collins - Stocks Green - Elton