Labour Peterborough MP denies claims from senior Conservative she has failed to deliver promise on free bulky waste collections

Fiona Onasanya
Fiona Onasanya
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Labour’s Peterborough MP has denied claims from a Conservative cabinet member at Peterborough City Council that she has failed to deliver on her promise of free bulky waste collections.

Fiona Onasanya was responding to criticism from Cllr Gavin Elsey who is the portfolio holder for waste and street scene at the council.

The Labour MP promised last August to spend £800 a month of her salary on free bulky and electrical waste collections to help reduce fly-tipping in the city, but Cllr Elsey accused her on Twitter of failing to deliver on her pledge.

He tweeted: “You are never seen in Peterborough- never done anything constructive for Peterborough and you promised monthly bulky waste collections out of your not insignificant MP salary and have delivered erm....none.”

Ms Onasanya responded that the next collection was on Saturday, April 28 in Eye and Thorney.

After further tweets between the pair, Cllr Esey posted: “Fiona- if the poster shown is the next one rather than the first one and given I know the answer as it’s my portfolio- how many have you provided so far that you have personally organised and paid for?”

Gavin Elsey (right of picture)

Gavin Elsey (right of picture)

Ms Onasanya replied: “My initiative appears to have aggravated you? I hadn’t realised I required your consent or approval - this is not the first.”

Mr Elsey tweeted back: “And you didn’t answer the question- to date you should have organised and paid for 9 collections- how many have you done??”

The Peterborough Telegraph contacted both politicians about their tweets.

Cllr Elsey sent a table showing Ms Onasanya had carried out two collections and had five more booked.

He said Ms Onasanya had promised one collection a month from last August, adding: “That equates to nine or 10 and, as you see, she has done two, in the run up to the elections. Call me cynical.”

The PT put Cllr Elsey’s statement to Ms Onasanya.

She replied: “I recall tweets saying there had been none - this is incorrect.

“Then the assertion was that the collections due on April 28 in Eye and Thorney will be the first - this is also incorrect.

“When I spoke to the council they advised they did not have funds to facilitate a bulky waste initiative which is why I advised I would intervene.

“I am seeking to assist our city and have agreed to meet with him as my meeting with officers and councillors to date has not included him.”

Earlier this year the council carried out a trial of free bulky waste collections.

The impact the trial had on fly-tipping in Peterborough was to be assessed afterwards.


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