Labour leading in Peterborough says new poll

Stewart Jackson at the 2010 election results
Stewart Jackson at the 2010 election results
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Labour is leading in Peterborough according to a new poll by the former deputy chairman of the Conservative party.

Influential pollster Lord Ashcroft gives Labour’s parliamentary candidate Lisa Forbes a two per cent lead on the Conservative incumbent who is defending a 4,861 majority from the 2010 election.

Ms Forbes is polling at 34 per cent, compared to 32 per cent for Mr Jackson.

UKIP candidate Mary Herdman sits third on 19 per cent with the Liberal Democrat’s Darren Fower on nine per cent.

Green candidate Darren Bisby-Boyd is currently attracting four per cent of the vote and ‘other’ is at three per cent.

The other candidates standing in the election are the Liberal Party’s Chris Ash and independent John Fox.

Mr Jackson won 40 per cent of the vote in 2010, more than 10 per cent more than Labour’s Ed Murphy.

Lord Ashcroft’s findings came from his final set of pollings for marginal constituencies which showed Conservative gains elsewhere.

He said: “Taken together, the results show that there can be late movement on the battleground as the election approaches and voters’ minds are concentrated, and there is still room for more in the final week.

“That is why even these polls remain snapshots, not predictions.”

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