Jay Beecher UKIP: Thanks - now let’s make Britain great

Jay Beecher
Jay Beecher
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Well, we did it! The great people of Peterborough were called upon by their country in her time of need. We, the average, decent, hard-working public were asked to stand up, to unite, and to join the revolution against the undemocratic fatcats of the EU. We didn’t let her down.

I’d personally like to thank everyone who chipped-in and played their part.

UKIP have fought selflessly for this referendum from the very beginning; challenging the Tory government and forcing it to finally listen to the will of the people.

The VoteLeave campaign I ran here in Peterbroough was reported all over the world. Through living room Tvs in Australia and newspaper articles being read in Parisian cafes, all eyes were on Peterborough and the part it had to play in this historical moment in history. Our message to them and to everyone else was a positive one, and it was as clear as crystal; we love our country, we believe in our country. We love Europe. But we do NOT believe, and nor do we accept, that any nation should be oppressed and controlled by any other. To this end we made our positive case for leaving the EU, and 53,216 people in Peterborough, and over 17 million people in the UK agreed with us.

A massive thank you goes out to everyone who got behind us in the VoteLeave campaign; from our passionate volunteers, to our Eurosceptic MP Stewart Jackson, who risked it all to bravely stand against his own party’s leader, and not least to Graham Whitehead, our chairman of Peterborough’s UKIP branch, who worked tirelessly and devotedly to help us win this referendum. But most of all I’d like to thank every person in Peterborough who marched through the rain on polling day to case their vote to leave. Thanks to you, as the sun shone gloriously the following morning, we were all greeted by the exciting sense that we were once more living in an independent country which we could be proud of.

Those who predicted the end of days were wrong. Sure, the pound plummeted. Yet then it quickly rose past February levels. Obama has confirmed that it’ll be ‘business as usual’. The president of the European Commission stated that the UK will continue to be a close partner of the EU. And with regards to trade deals from other countries, we’ve seen more sudden proposals than the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day. As we speak, UKIP MEPs and government officials will be deliberating the best course of action for a smooth and successful exit from the EU once article 50 is triggered.

Sensible people now see that it isn’t racist or xenophobic to discuss the issue of mass immigration.

In David Cameron’s dignified resignation speech, he stated that “The British people have made a choice. That not only needs to be respected, but those on the losing side of the argument, myself included, should help to make it work”.

Our country now needs to be led by the party it deserves. There is currently a vast and expanding gap between the weak, disjointed Labour Party (which no longer represents the average working man or woman), and the out of touch Conservative Party which were slapdash and delayed in providing this referendum to being with.

That gap is waiting to be filled by a party which stands up for and represents you, the hardworking people of this great city and this proud country. That Party, naturally, is UKIP. UKIP is, and will always be the people’s party. Without UKIP there would have been no referendum, and through hard work, high personal-risk, and determination, we were the leading force in bringing about Brexit. We did it because, like you, we believe in Britain. Moving forward, we now need to prove that we are the only party capable of making Britain Great again. And across the UK, and here in Peterborough, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.