Priti Patel making her speech

Home Secretary sets out Conservatives’ spending plans at speech in Peterborough

The Home Secretary set out the Conservatives’ spending plans for the East of England during a speech in Peterborough yesterday evening (Thursday).

Friday, 29th November 2019, 11:48 am

Priti Patel was joined by, among others, party chairman James Cleverly, Brexit Secretary and North East Cambridgeshire candidate Steve Barclay, Peterborough candidate Paul Bristow, Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough James Palmer and city councillors at Photocentric in Oxney Road. Pledges for the East of England include new health services, recruiting up to 463 new police officers next year, building an East-West rail service between Cambridge and Oxford, a £500 million Beeching Reversal Fund which could help restore rail services to Wisbech, and giving 12 places up to £25 million each from the Towns Fund. The Home Secretary said: “This is our plan to unleash the potential of the East of England with investment in our NHS, more money for all our schools, more police officers on our streets and improved transport infrastructure. But to do that we first need to get Brexit done, because otherwise we’ll just have more parliamentary gridlock and more Brexit delay preventing the country from moving forward. And the only way to get Brexit done is to elect a Conservative majority government on December 12. The alternative is Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street and the chaos another two referendums next year.” Other candidates standing in Peterborough are: Lisa Forbes (Labour), Mike Greene (Brexit Party), Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrats - To Stop Brexit)), Joseph Wells (Green Party), Tom Rogers (Christian Peoples Alliance), The Very Raving Mr P (Monster Raving Loony Party) and Luke Ferguson (independent).

The other candidates standing in North East Cambridgeshire are: Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrat), Diane Boyd (Labour) and Ruth Johnson (Green Party).

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