‘Hammer’ fly-tippers with £50,000 fines say Peterborough city councillors

Fly-tipped waste from Cromwell Road, Peterborough
Fly-tipped waste from Cromwell Road, Peterborough
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Convicted fly-tippers should be hit with £50,000 fines, according to Peterborough city councillors.

The call has gone out for magistrates to “hammer” fly-tippers to deter others from doing the same.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, the council’s cabinet member for digital, waste and street scene, said eight people had been ‘named and shamed’ in the Peterborugh Telegraph after being convicted of fly-tipping, but he feels greater fines are needed to deter others from dumping their rubbish.

Magistrates also have the powers to seize the vehicles and properties of fly-tippers.

Cllr Elsey told councillors on the Sustainable Growth and Environment Capital Scrutiny Committee tonight (Tuesday, September 15) that he felt let down by magistrates as £50,000 fines would “send out a message” and would mean other residents not follow suit.

He received the backing of Cllr John Fox who said the forthcoming introduction of two covert cameras in Peterborough is the way forward.

He added: “We need the support of the judiciary. They even have the power to confiscate the vehicles. As an authority we should go to the magistrates and say ‘this is serious, it brings down areas’.”

Cllr Fox called on magistrates to “hammer” fly-tippers.

Fly-tipping costs the council £250,000 a year to clear up but the fines for those convicted are nowhere near the maximum of £50,000.

In the last few months fines of £400 and £500 have been handed out to Peterborough fly-tippers.

Cllr Elsey announced that the two covert cameras to be introduced into the city will be mobile and small so people do not know where they are.

He said: “They will fit in a coke can so it’s almost impossible to see they are there.”

The cameras will be able to pick up car registrations.

Cllr Nazim Khan welcomed the initiative. He said: “I’m pleased to hear you’re bringing in covert cameras. Let’s hope they are successful.”

Councillors on the committee made a recommendation to put forward their concerns to magistrates about the size of fines for fly-tippers.

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