Group will over see equality and disability on Peterborough City Council

A new group to oversee equality and disability on Peterborough City Council has been set up.

Peterborough Town Hall EMN-210809-085709009
Peterborough Town Hall EMN-210809-085709009

The council has set up a new Equalities, Diversity, Disability and Inclusion working group featuring members of different political parties.

The permanent task and finish group, which will also include council officers and representatives from community groups, follows up on a commitment previously made by leader Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald to make sure the council is doing everything it can to make Peterborough a welcoming place for all.

Cllr Marco Cereste, cabinet member for digital services and transformation, said: “As a council we are committed to making Peterborough a place which people from all walks of life can enjoy and prosper in.

“We are determined to make sure there is no reason for any group to feel excluded in our city and we will listen to all communities to make sure we understand any concerns they may have.”

The group will provide a valuable forum for discussion and engagement with communities over key aspects of the council’s work, including helping to ensure it provides fair access to services and that key activities are designed and delivered with equality at their core.

Areas which will be discussed will include development of the city centre and the response to Covid.

Members will hear first-hand issues faced by residents so they can develop solutions.

The group will also:

• Oversee the development and delivery of the council’s Equalities’ Strategy and its associated action plan.

• Review the council’s equalities’ practice to ensure it does not discriminate against, nor disadvantage, any individuals or communities within Peterborough.

• Review the council’s employment practice to ensure that the recruitment, retention and development of staff reflects the diversity of the city’s communities.

• Support the development of initiatives and actions that address international, national and local issues and concerns such as the council’s commitment to support the settlement of refugees.

• Support the wider community’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.