General Election 2019: North West Cambridgeshire - The final word

We asked candidates standing in North West Cambridgeshire : What’s the last thing would you say to a voter before they go to the polling station?

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 4:00 pm

Shailesh Vara - Conservative

For over three years, Parliament has been paralysed because it has not been able to deliver Brexit.

This election offers the people of North West Cambridgeshire an opportunity to finally sort Brexit and move on to focus on what matters to you and your family. As Conservatives, we are committed to investing in public services and are in a position to do so through sound economic management.

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The NHS represents the best of our country and since its foundation, Conservatives have been in power for 44 of its 71 years of existence. During that time, we have not only looked after the NHS but hugely improved it, and we will continue to do so with a record £34 billion investment.

Every child will have the benefit of a good state school education, allowing them to fulfil their potential. We will be committing £14 billion in funding for our schools.

With 20,000 more police officers on the streets and by toughening sentencing powers, we will reduce violent crime and protect the law abiding majority.

We must look to the future and ensure a sustainable environment is passed on to the next generation. Conservatives are proud to be leading the way in the fight against climate change and have legislated to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

A vote for Boris Johnson will help secure a majority government, sorting Brexit and moving the country forward. A vote for any other party risks a Jeremy Corbyn led government propped up by minority parties, leading to further dither and delay.

For a better Britain and a better future, vote Conservative.

Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach - Labour Party

I would ask them to stand up for what is right. I would ask them to use their vote for themselves and for the wider community.

When we have food banks in schools, people dying waiting for the right social care, and hard working women having their pensions snatched away from them, something has to change.

Labour will build a Green Industrial Revolution which is boost the economy whilst saving the planet. Labour will invest in our children, their schools, their mental health services and their future. Labour will ensure our NHS is not sold off piece by piece and stays free at the point of access for all, including free dental care.

I would ask people to consider the damage Tory austerity has caused over the last 10 years and vote for a real change.

Bridget Smith - Liberal Democrat Party

Brexit has taken up a huge amount of all our time and energy, it has caused enormous upset and has fuelled hate and division in our society.

As a Liberal Democrat and as someone who has been a European for most of my life I have no doubt whatsoever that we are better in the EU than out. I also know that the EU needs to reform and that the future of our world in the face of the climate crisis needs to be its main focus.

I love being part of a rich multi-cultural society with strong human rights and freedom of speech. A society where we abhor bigotry and prejudice and protect minority groups.

Brexit is a threat to that. It is a threat to our children’s futures if they cannot benefit from the freedoms to work in the EU that my children have benefitted from. It is a threat to our world class health service if the workforce it relies on in every aspect of its functioning feels unwelcome in our county. It is a threat to our economy when punitive tariffs for our imports and exports make other countries’ goods more attractive than ours.

This is probably the most significant election I have ever voted in. The Government that forms at the end of it will have the most difficult job since the end of World War Two to stabilise and regrow our society.

Only a liberal, centrist party can broker that healing and pave the way for a fair and tolerant Britain standing proud with its EU friends and neighbours.

Nicola Day - Green Party

My connection to Peterborough is long-standing. My parents moved here in 1978 and I grew up in Orton Goldhay. Dad worked for Balfour Beatty, electrifying the railway lines, before becoming a milkman. Mum worked in Trading Standards at Peterborough City Council.

I completed my degree at Peterborough Regional College, then trained as a teacher at Cambridge University. I teach at local schools and live in Peterborough with my son.

In May, I was elected to the city council and work hard alongside Cllr Howell to ensure that Orton Waterville ward is a clean, safe, pleasant place to live. Residents tell us they appreciate our work ethic and high visibility in our ward.

If you elect me, I will campaign to ensure that our schools gain fairer funding, with more teachers and greater focus on achievement. I will campaign to end early years testing and SATS as I believe they are of little educational value to our children. I will support the creation of Peterborough University and I want to ensure the courses on offer bring the right skills to our city.

I fully support the arts and will work to ensure greater support for our thriving arts and cultural scene, establishing and supporting community projects across the constituency.

Finally, I will work towards protecting our world from a deepening climate and ecological crisis.

Every Green vote is a vote for a better, more sustainable future. It is a vote for making sure our best days are still to come.