GENERAL ELECTION 2017: Last word from all Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire candidates

Tomorrow morning, the polls open for a General Election with contests being held in Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire.

Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 6:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 3:39 pm
General election June 8

The Peterborough Telegraph has asked the nine candidates across the two constituencies to give their ‘Final Word’ on why you should vote for them.

Full coverage of the election count at the East of England Arena and Events Centre and the full results and candidate reaction will appear on this website throughout Thursday night and Friday morning.


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Fiona Radic, Green Party

In the week when President Trump turned his back on the ‘Paris Accord’ on climate change it is clear that what the world needs now is strong Green leadership.

As your MP, I will work hard to retain legislation that protects our environment and lobby for a fair Brexit deal, with freedom of movement and the right for EU nationals to remain here. Our economy must not grow at any cost and not at the expense of our planet, our health and wellbeing or our precious environment.

I will put our communities first and champion policies that help us all to live happier, healthier, more sustainable lives.

I will fight for our free NHS, re-nationalisation of public transport and for the fox hunting ban to remain in place.

Vote Green for progressive politics and a fairer society with cleaner air, cleaner streets, cleaner water and no one left behind.

Stewart Jackson, Conservative

I’ve never taken this election for granted. I am proud to stand on my record as a hard working, community focused campaigning MP for 12 years, getting things done for my constituents. However, this election is really not about me but about who the voters of Peterborough trust because in just 11 days, our Prime Minister must begin negotiations with the EU. Theresa May is committed to a stronger, fairer and more prosperous Britain and has the experience in these troubled times to deliver it – she has a plan for Brexit and has the guts to take on difficult issues like public services reform and social care.

By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn is ill equipped to negotiate Brexit, he’s weak, extreme and unwilling to do what’s needed to protect our country. Labour’s garden tax would clobber homeowners and their uncosted policies would bankrupt Britain. Why risk a coalition of chaos?

Fiona Onasanya, Labour

This election is a rare opportunity for change. We have a choice. Do you believe what we see around us is as good as it gets, and we should accept things as they are? This simply is not true.

You, your family, and your community deserve better than what you’re getting now. You can wake up on June 9 to something different, not more of the same. You can choose an MP who cares, listens and is determined to improve the lives of everyone in Peterborough.

During the campaign, I have met and talked with many people throughout our city which has reinforced for me what a tremendous honour it is to serve the people of Peterborough. I urge you to make a choice for change and vote Labour. On June 9 and beyond, I look forward to working tirelessly to make our city better.

Beki Sellick, Liberal Democrat

British political parties have changed: The Economist says Conservatives and Labour will harm the economy; only Lib Dems have a credible manifesto.

Even Peterborians who voted for Leave are now voting Lib Dem to take back control of “hard”, damaging Brexit, robbing us of teachers, nurses and EU citizens who pay many times more tax than they need support.

Hard Brexit will hit local businesses: increasing costs and red tape of buying goods and recruiting people. Hard Brexit cuts us off from our neighbours and increases our vulnerability to terror.

Contrast the combined UKIP-Conservative MP candidate attacking scapegoats and Labour’s weak plans; vote Lib Dem for an engineer to grow the economy sustainably, creating jobs, protecting social services and enabling a fair, free and open society.

Vote Beki for realistic investment in our infrastructure, for international negotiation skills and wise decision-making. Vote Beki to build communities, celebrating and empowering individuals.

North West Cambridgeshire constituency

Shailesh Vara, Conservative

It has been a great privilege to serve the people of North West Cambridgeshire for the past 12 years as the local Member of Parliament.

I have worked hard and conscientiously for thousands of individuals and with many groups and organisations on a variety of issues and causes.

I hope that on June 8 you will vote for me and allow me to continue serving you.

It is also important that following the European Union referendum we have a Prime Minister who will stand up for Britain when negotiating with Brussels and a leader who will put the safety and security of Britain and its people first and foremost. That leader is Theresa May.

A vote for me allows me to continue serving you and it helps to secure a Conservative government with Theresa May as Prime Minister, fighting for a stronger and better Britain.

Bridget Smith, Liberal Democrat

It’s time for a new voice in NW Cambridgeshire. The Tories’ heartless, uncaring policies will divide our society and harm the most vulnerable - young and old. I’ll use my years of experience to strengthen communities so you can live safely and securely in your own home.

I will stand up for our NHS, protect our local hospitals and ensure those needing care are fairly treated.

I will work to attract new jobs and ensure houses are built with rents you can afford. Our schools should be amongst the best in the country but won’t be if they continue to be underfunded. I will speak truth about the cost of Brexit.

I will be accessible, I will answer your letters, I will always do my best to help you.

NW Cambridgeshire isn’t the Conservatives’ by right.

It’s time for change and a new voice, time for a brighter, fairer future.

John Whitby, UKIP

With the election almost here, options are much clearer.

If you want Brexit to be concluded cleanly and in favour of the UK, then you need to vote either UKIP or (perhaps) Conservative.

If you want personal and corporate tax kept down to promote growth, but spent wisely, focussed in this country, on the services you want and need: education, health care, social care, police etc, the only option is to vote UKIP.

If you want to see a strong, sensible, pragmatic Opposition, not one ideologically driven, which will seek to reverse the damaging cuts we’ve had and keep the country on a stable economic footing, then you need to vote UKIP.

If you want a local MP not looking to advance his political career, but to work and work hard to improve the country and the local area he lives in, then you need to vote John Whitby, UKIP.

Iain Ramsbottom, Labour

Theresa May’s arrogant, complacent and substance-less manifesto and her constant U-turns and empty rhetoric have shown her up for what she really is: weak and wobbly.

Whatever happens now on June 9 she will no longer have the authority she hoped for and the shadowy suits of the Tory Party will have marked her card if, in fact, they have not already started their leadership maneuvering.

On the other hand, we have seen Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party come from 24 points behind at the beginning of the campaign to now only three points. There is no question that Jeremy has run a superb campaign and the catcalls from the Tories and others have been proved wrong.

A passionate leadership backed up by a fully costed, positive manifesto, and a caring vision for the all the people of the nation has resonated with the electorate.

Gregor Guthrie, Green Party

This election is an opportunity for positive change in NW Cambs. The Green Party stands for fairness in our region: fair access to high quality, free education for all, fair access to a free NHS and a fair deal on Brexit. We are the only party to produce an environmental manifesto because we are the only party that appreciates how urgently we must put measures in place to protect our planet for future generations.

We are against economic growth at any cost but for creating a sustainable economy with more jobs, a universal basic income for everyone and a four-day working week.

The Green Party is a party of fresh-thinking and bold new ideas. Don’t get your green policies second-hand. Only the Green Party is ready to lead us into a brighter, safer, more sustainable future so vote with your head and with your heart on June 8.