Full list of Peterborough City Council 2014 election results

The votes being counted at the Kingsgate Centre in Peterborough
The votes being counted at the Kingsgate Centre in Peterborough
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The full results of Thursday’s (22 May) Peterborough City Council elections are listed here:

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Voting figures for the 21 seats across 19 wards (with defending candidates marked with an asterisk*):

Bretton North: Michael Herdman (UKIP) 782 votes, Jason Merrill (Conservative) 520 votes, Malcolm Pollack (Liberal Democrat) 195 votes, Evelina Sid (Labour) 700 votes - turn out 32 per cent.

Central: Mohammed Jamil (Labour) 2,044 votes, Karen Lawrence (Green Party) 320 votes, Mohammed Younis (Conservative) 785 votes - turn out 42 per cent.

Dogsthorpe: Chris Ash* (Liberal) 1,194 votes, Kevin Bell (Labour) 610 votes, Samantha Dalton (Conservative) 228 votes - turn out 31 per cent.

East: Simon Ewing (UKIP) 614 votes, Azher Iqbal (Conservative) 991 votes, Sue Johnson (Labour) 805 votes, Ben Middleton (Green Party) 133 votes, Sandra Ringler (Liberal) 210 votes - turn out 34 per cent.

Eye and Thorney (2 seats): Marc Boylan (Labour) 327 votes, Richard Brown (Conservative) 773 votes, Carl Harper (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 81 votes, Mary Herdman (UKIP) 763 votes, Haggai Odep (Labour) 213 votes, Fiona Radic (Green) 180 votes, David Sanders* (Conservative) 1,008 votes - turn out 38 per cent.

Fletton and Woodston: Angela Brennan (Independent) 157 votes, Jon Lloyd (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 39 votes, Kevin Morris (UKIP) 591 votes, Lucia Serluca* (Conservative) 739 votes, Ian Tennant (Green) 165 votes, Margaret Thulbourn (Labour) 699 votes - turn out 29 per cent.

Glinton and Wittering: Diane Lamb* (Conservative) 829 votes, Peter O’Connor (Labour ) 205 votes, Robin Talbot (UKIP) 464 votes, Alex Terry (Independent) 379 votes - turn out 36 per cent.

Newborough: Ray Dobbs (Conservative) 263 votes, David Harrington* (Independent) 570 votes, Bonita Yonga (Labour) 94 votes - turn out 43 per cent.

North: Harry Gartside (Conservative) 128 votes, Keith Sharp* (Independent) 857 votes, Jonas Yonga (Labour) 372 votes - turn out 34 per cent.

Orton Longueville: Mary Cooke (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 99 votes, Michelle Cooper (Green) 144 votes, Angus Ellis (Labour) 672 votes, Janet Goodwin (Conservative) 715 votes, John Okonkowski (UKIP) 755 votes - turn out 32 per cent.

Orton Waterville: Steve Cawley (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 44 votes, Peter Heinrich (Labour) 373 votes, Iain McLaughlan (UKIP) 780 votes, June Stokes* (Conservative) 1,169 votes, Sarah Wilkinson (Green) 206 votes - turn out 39 per cent.

Orton with Hampton: Darren Bisby-Boyd (Green) 284 votes, Alan Dowson (Labour) 636 votes, Sheila Scott* (Conservative) 937 votes, Teri Starr (Independent) 368 votes, Christopher Wiggin (Liberal Democrat) 267 votes - turn out 26 per cent.

Park: Steve Allen (Conservative) 1,191, Rupert Dexter (UKIP) 283 votes, Geoffrey Eagle (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 12 votes, Richard Ferris (Labour) 1,410 votes, Rich Hill (Green) 121 votes, Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrats) 74 votes - turn out 45 per cent.

Paston: June Bull (Conservative) 443 votes, Nicola Day (Labour) 641 votes, Frances Fox (UKIP) 752 votes - turn out 30 per cent.

Stanground Central: Nick Capp (English Democrats) 610 votes, Brian Rush* (Conservatives) 957 votes, Chris York (Labour and Co-operative) 811 votes - turn out 32 per cent.

Walton: Nyasha Banhire (Labour) 195 votes, Mick Kennedy (UKIP) 495 votes, Paul McGregor (Conservative) 228 votes, Asif Shaheed (Liberal Democrats) 617 votes - turn out 35 per cent.

Werrington North: Andrew Bond (Liberal Democrats) 69 votes, Mark Cooke (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 67 votes, Howard Fuller (Conservative) 362 votes, Roz Jones (Labour) 242 votes, Stephen Lane* (Independent) 1,145 votes.

Werrington South: Darren Fower (Liberal Democrats) 1,174 votes, June Kennedy (UKIP) 521 votes, Vince Moon (Labour and co-operative) 230 votes, Darren Morley (Conservative) 491 votes - turn out 45 per cent.

West (2 seats): Nick Arculus (Conservative) 1,482 votes, Peter Chivall (Liberal Democrats) 290 votes, Wayne Fitzgerald (Conservative) 1,153 votes, Darrell Goodliffe (Labour) 1,050 votes, John Myles (UKIP) 702 votes, Mohammed Sabir (Labour) 1,137 votes - turn out 48 per cent.


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