Frustrated Peterborough chief tells politicians to sort out Brexit quickly

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A business chief in Peterborough has called on politicians to hurry up and sort out Brexit one way or the other.

John Bridge is the chief executive of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

John Bridge

John Bridge

He was speaking after Brexit was delayed until October 31, unless Parliament can agree a deal which is acceptable to the EU.

Mr Bridge stated it will be business as usual during the Brexit delay, and that firms will cope with whatever happens next.

However, he admitted there is plenty of frustration that they can’t plan ahead.

He said: “The key thing is businesses want uninterrupted trade and want to be able to carry on being able to sell to their customers in Europe and the world.

“While (negotiations) are ongoing they can carry on, which is fine, but what they really want is a decision.

“Businesses will cope with whatever decision is made.

“We just want the politicians to sort themselves out and make out a decision. Businesses are frustrated and angry a decision has not been made.”