Former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson loses government adviser role after Brexit Secretary quits

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Former MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson has left his role as a special adviser in the Government following the surprise resignation of the Brexit Secretary.

Mr Jackson, who served as a city MP between 2005 and 2017, was chief of staff to David Davis who quit last night due to Britain’s Brexit negotiating stance which he said was making it look “less and less likely” that the Conservatives would deliver their manifesto commitment to “leave the Customs Union and the Single Market”.

Stewart Jackson

Stewart Jackson

Mr Davis was responsible for negotiating the UK’s EU withdrawal.

Former Conservative MP Stewart Jackson campaigned for Leave in the 2016 referendum. He tweeted last night: “It’s been a huge pleasure & a source of pride working with @DavidDavisMP, junior Ministers & the whole @DExUKgov team of dedicated and professional civil servants. What an experience! Goodbye & good luck delivering #Brexit and honouring the hopes & dreams of millions of Britons.”

The resignation comes two days after the whole of the cabinet met at Chequers to agree Britain’s negotiating position.

Minister in the Brexit department Steve Baker has also resigned.

Labour MEP for the East of England Alex Mayer said: “What a shambles. Hours after Theresa May’s Chequers peace summit, her Brexit strategy is once again left in tatters.

“This is her fifth cabinet resignation in nine months. But rats leaving a sinking ship is not enough, we need their captain to go, Theresa May’s time is up. She should resign.

“This chaos is good for no one. It’s making Britain a laughing stock.”

Mr Jackson explained his role as chief of staff in an interview with the Peterborough Telegraph after he was appointed into the role.

In Peterborough, nearly 61 per cent of people voted to Leave.