Former NHS walk-in centre bought by Peterborough City Council for £150,000

Hoardings at the former NHS walk-in centre in Alma Road. Photo supplied
Hoardings at the former NHS walk-in centre in Alma Road. Photo supplied
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A former NHS walk-in centre has been bought by Peterborough City Council to regenerate the area after it became an eyesore.

The council paid £150,000 to purchase the land at Alma Road, Millfield, with the acquisition taking place in April.

The centre shut on March 31, 2013, but complaints were later raised over “offensive” graffiti sprayed on hoardings on the site.

The council, which is planning to improve security at the site, does not yet have a time-scale for when the regeneration will begin.

A council spokesman said: “Peterborough City Council bought the land at Alma Road to help regenerate the local area and fix what was starting to become a bit of an eyesore.

“We will make the site more secure with new fencing and will clear it completely to make it more attractive.

“We will be consulting with councillors, the community and local businesses as both short and long-term plans emerge to help us make the most of the site.”

The mayor, cllr John Peach, who represents Park Ward, believes the land could now be used for something community based. He said: “I’m pleased it’s been sold as it is an eyesore. I’ve had a lot of people complain about it.”

Fellow Park Ward councillors John Shearman and Richard Ferris said: “Over the years we have received numerous complaints about the condition of the NHS owned land. Now the end to the misery of this site is in sight.”