Former Labour Party member to stand for Greens in the general election

Green Party candidate Nicola Day
Green Party candidate Nicola Day
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A former Labour Party member is to stand for the Green Party in May’s general election.

Nicola Day will go up against Shailesh Vara in the North West Cambridgeshire constituency.

Nicola grew up in Orton Goldhay, where her dad delivered a milk round for 30 years, and went to what is now Ormiston Bushfield Academy before later attending Peterborough Regional College.

She has come to believe that Labour has turned away from its traditional policies and is no longer the party for her.

Nicola said: “I discovered that the policies of the Greens resonate with my core beliefs.

“I have found courageous people in the Green Party. Greens believe in being caring and supportive and we emphasise the importance of families, friends, neighbours and supportive communities.

“The Greens would build a prosperous and sustainable society where resources are used and shared much more fairly.”

Nicola, who claims there is an austerity agenda which people are suffering from, added: “The ‘Green Surge’ excites me. We are seeing amazing membership growth.

“I am thrilled by the Green Party’s excellent policies.

“We are able to give people the opportunity to vote for a Green MP for the first time in North West Cambridgeshire for almost 20 years.”