Former care home sold to The Peterborough School for car parking

Greenwood House ENGEMN00120120629153307
Greenwood House ENGEMN00120120629153307
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A disused care home has been sold to a school for staff car parking spaces, but Peterborough City Council will not say how much money it has received for the site.

A decision by the council to sell Greenwood House to The Peterborough School, which is nearby in Thorpe Road, was signed off this week.

It’s not for the benefit of Peterborough. The council has a duty to use its assets properly.

Councillor Ed Murphy

The council has stated that the money received was less than £500,000 but would not confirm the exact amount as it is “commercially confidential”.

The school also declined to reveal how much it had paid.

Most of the site will now be knocked down to make way for the parking spaces and a school maintenance area.

Greenwood House and fellow care home Welland House were controversially closed down in 2012 with 6,000 people signing a petition to oppose the decision by the council’s cabinet.

The sale of Greenwood House has already been criticised with Labour and Cooperative Councillor Ed Murphy describing the school’s purchase as a steal.

He said: “It’s not for the benefit of Peterborough. You could have built about 20 houses on the site. The council has a duty to use its assets properly.

“Serious questions will be asked if the site is being sold at a discounted price. The council needs to be more transparent.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said: “Ahead of the sale we received a number of offers all at less than £500,000. Furthermore this was confirmed by an independent valuation and is on par with other land sales in the city.

“The price isn’t the only factor in the sale of council assets as we also consider the future use of the site and any impact that may have on the local community.”

A spokeswoman for the school said: “The Peterborough School can today confirm that it has exchanged contracts on the purchase of Greenwood House which adjoins the school’s current estate.

“In line with planning consent, Greenwood House will be developed by the school into a car parking area for staff and school vehicles and a maintenance area.”