Election candidates officially announced for parliament and Peterborough City Council

Parish council election news.
Parish council election news.
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The candidates standing for election to Parliament and Peterborough City Council have been officially announced.

Seven candidates are standing to be elected as Peterborough’s MP when voters go to the polls on Thursday, May 7.

They are:

. Chris Ash (Liberal Party)

. Darren Bisby-Boyd (Green Party)

. Lisa Forbes (Labour)

. Darren Fower (Liberal Democrat)

. John Fox (Independent)

. Mary Herdman (UKIP)

. Stewart Jackson (Conservative)

Six candidates are standing to be elected as MP for North West Cambridgeshire.

They are:

. Fay Belham (Christian Peoples Alliance)

. Nicola Day (Green)

. Peter Reeve (UKIP)

. Nick Sandford (Lib Dem)

. Nick Thulbourn (Lab)

. Shailesh Vara (Cons)

Elections to Peterborough City Council will see 20 people elected into 19 wards with two seats available in Stanground Central.

Bretton North

. Ann Chanter-Allen (UKIP)

. Wendy Hirst (Green)

. Stuart Martin (Lab)

. Scott Warren (Cons)

. Rohan Wilson (Lib Dem)

Bretton South

. Andy Coles (Cons)

. Angus Ellis (Lab)

. Michael Fletcher (Ind)

. Sam Gibbons (Green)

. Malcolm Pollack (Lib Dem)


. Alex Airey (Green)

. Mohammed Nadeem (Cons)

. Sabra Yasin (Lab)


. Emily Fisher (Cons)

. Peter O’Dell (UKIP)

. Haggai Odep (Lab)

. Bella Saltmarsh (Liberal)

. Nick Senior (Green)


. Michael Alexander (Green)

. Adam Collins (Cons)

. Mary Herdman (UKIP)

. Sandra Ringler (Liberal)

. Nabil Shabbir (Lab)

Fletton & Woodston

. Alan Dowson (Lab)

. Pedro Faustino (Cons)

. Jon Lloyd (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

. Dusan Obradovic (Independent)

. Ian Tennant (Green)


. Harry Gartside (Cons)

. Charles Swift (Ind)

. Steve Wilson (Green)

. Bonita Yonga (Lab)


. Peter Hiller (Cons)

. Terry Palmer (UKIP)

. Sarah Wilkinson (Green)

Orton Longueville

. Graham Casey (Cons)

. Rupert Dexter (UKIP)

. Richard Horton (Green)

. Evelina Sidlauskiene (Lab)

Orton Waterville

. Kim Aitken (Cons)

. Colin Honeyman-Smith (Green)

. Iain McLaughlan (UKIP)

. David Weaver (Lab)

Orton with Hampton

. Darren Bisby-Boyd (Green)

. Matt Bliszczak (UKIP)

. Sue Johnson (Lab)

. Nigel North (Cons)

. Christopher Wiggin (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


. Steve Allen (Cons)

. Fiona Radic (Green)

. Beki Sellick (Lib Dem)

. John Shearman (Lab)

. Graham Whitehead (UKIP)


. Peter Chivall (Lib Dem)

. Roger Proudfoot (Green)

. Bryan Tyler (Cons)

. Sharon Varkalis (UKIP)

. Jonas Yonga (Lab)


. Ed Murphy (Labour and Cooperative)

. David Neville (UKIP)

. Harry Newton (Cons)

. Jo Weedon (Green)

Stanground Central

. Ray Bisby (Cons)

. Nick Capp (English Democrats)

. Marco Cereste (Cons)

. Jon Phillipson-Brown (Green)

. Margaret Thulbourn (Lab)

. John Whitby (UKIP)

. Chris York (Lab)

Stanground East

. Ruth Fiddy (Green)

. Chris Harper (Cons)

. John Thulbourn (Lab)

Werrington North

. Cherry Beeby (Green)

. Judy Fox (Ind)

. Chris Jones (Lab)

. Darren Morley (Cons)

Werrington South

. Andrew Bond (Lib Dem Focus Team)

. Mick Kennedy (UKIP)

. Vince Moon (Labour and Co-op)

. Paula Thacker (Cons)

. Joseph Wells (Green)


. Wayne Fitzgerald (Cons)

. Karen Lawrence (Green)

. John Myles (UKIP)

. Mohammed Sabir (Lab)

There will be no parish council elections this year as all available seats are uncontested.