Dismay from villagers at new rabbit farm in Peterborough

A free-range rabbit farm will soon spring up just outside Barnack despite dismay from villagers.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 5:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 5:40 pm
A rabbit on Philip Kerrys rabbit farm in Granby, Nottinghamshire
A rabbit on Philip Kerrys rabbit farm in Granby, Nottinghamshire

The farm off Uffington Road will be operating inside a year and will eventually hold up to 300 rabbits, but Barnack’s representative on Peterborough City Council has come out against the venture.

Cllr David Over said: “I’m totally against it. What on earth do you need a rabbit farm for? There are enough rabbits in the area anyway,

“The entrance to the field is very poor. Traffic is horrendous there in rush hour.”

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Cllr Over also highlighted the development of land near the farm as another concern, adding: “Villagers are aggrieved, not just with that application but with the number of housing applications.

“If we are not careful and do not protect it, the village way of life will become a sprawling suburb from Stamford, Peterborough and people who live elsewhere.”

Planning permission was granted this month for the farm’s proprietor Philip Kerry of T & S Nurseries to erect a temporary timber dwelling and agricultural building.

Speaking to the Peterborough Telegraph, Mr Kerry dismissed the villagers’ fears. He said: “Local people always seem to have the same concerns which are ill-founded really. They have a lot of concerns about smell and noise but we do not have either of those. People won’t know we are there.”

Mr Kerry said the roads will be fine and he also dismissed suggestions from opponents that the farm land will be developed into housing.

The 60-year-old currently has a rabbit farm in Granby, Nottinghamshire which is now on the market. He said: “Everyone that looks at the rabbits comments on how happy they are.”

Mr Kerry said most of the rabbits will be sold to “meat dealers” but that slaughter will take place from “time to time.” However, he did not wish to go into further details.

Barnack Parish Council chair Harry Brassey said: “It’s not a good thing at all - it’s too close to the village.

“The road is very narrow and quite fast. To have a rabbit farm there with the added extra lorries and traffic - it’s just the wrong place.”